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AGENT G Agent G - Men In Black III Bishoujo Statue Men In Black III Bishoujo Statue
Kotobukiya expands their popular line of Bishoujo, or "pretty girl," statues to celebrate one of the most popular film series in recent years, Men in Black. While the main characters may be cool dudes, famed Japanese video game character designer and illustrator Shunya Yamashita envisions an amazing original Bishoujo character named Agent G! The blockbuster American films meet Japanese styling in this sexy Koto original creation.

Agent G may work for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency, but it would take more than a shot from the Neuralizer to forget this MiB operative. “G” stands outside on a New York City streetscape, eagerly looking into the next alien incursion. Stepping off the sidewalk into the street, she’s captured in a cute pose with her thighs together and her feet apart. She even wears a unique version of the trademark Men in Black agent suit; needless to say hers looks a lot more appealing than what the men wear! In one hand Agent G holds an time-jump device and in the other you can have her wield either a Neuralizer or standard issue Agent Gun. That’s not all; Agent G also has removable sunglasses so you can display her with her cool specs or without them so you can see her pretty Bishoujo face. Standing just under 8 inches tall (1/7 scale) on her exclusive base complete with a tentacle-wrapped fire hydrant, Agent G was sculpted by GILL GILL. Display the sexy secret agent by herself or alongside other Bishoujo statues like Lucy from Ghostbusters!
Product Packaging
Product Information
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Collection: Men In Black III Bishoujo Statue
Source: Men In Black III
Year: 2013
Original Retail: $59.99
Item Number:SV66
Included in the box:
  • Agent G Men In Black III Bishoujo Statue on Base
  • Right Arm Holding Neuralizer
  • Right Arm Holding Gun
  • Sunglasses
  • Instructions

Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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