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GIVEAWAY REACTION FIGURE BASE Alien Giveaway Reaction Figure Stand SDCC 2013 Exclusive from Super7 SDCC 2013 Exclusive
A year after we first saw the prototypes of their Kane and Alien ReAction Figures, Super7 pulled all the stops with their 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives! Beyond the in hand exclusive Advance Promotional Samples two pack and Early Bird Package Super7 for sale at the event, two giveaway premiums were also produced including the single-bagged Alien logo ReAction Figure Base and the Vintage Style Catalog.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Super7
Source: Alien
Collection: ReAction Figure
Year: 2013
Original Retail: Free
Included in the baggy:
  • Alien Logo Giveaway ReAction Figure Base

Photography & Text by D. Martin Myatt

Page built by Adam Lamping

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