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Kenner: The Adventures Of Batman And Robin
Ra’s Al Ghul
with Strike Shooter And Combat Sword!

Comments: In 1997 Kenner revamped the Animated series with a line that appeared to take us back to the collection’s origins. This new series of figures, under the revamped cartoon’s The Adventures Of Batman And Robin banner, featured debut figures of both Harley Quinn and Ra’s Al Ghul. The first wave also included straight repacks of BMTAS’ 1995 Bane and Crime Squad’s Bola Trap Robin along with two new Joker figures including Pogo Stick Joker & Machine Gun joker, and four Batman figures including Battle Helmet Batman, Hover Jet Batman, Paraglide Batman, & Rocketpack Batman .

Source: Batman

The Adventures Of Batman And Robin

Year: 1997

Retail: $5.99

  • Mask
  • Sword
  • Launcher
  • Missile

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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