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Hasbro: Cloverfield

Comments: When revealed at the 2008 International Toy Fair in New York City, Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster turned many heads. In a surprising move, the toy maker decided to sell this piece exclusively through their online store, and it sold out quickly. In the years after, this figure became a big-ticket item selling for over $400 on the secondary market. On April 29th, 2011, Online retailers Entertainment Earth announced that there was a warehouse find of a limited number of this sought after collectible, and they were able to secure the entire quantity, giving collectors a much needed second chance at getting the Cloverfield Monster at a decent price.

The Cloverfield Monster Signature Series figure stands 14” tall and features an electronic roaring sound, two interchangeable heads, ten mini-monster parasites, and the Statue Of Liberty’s mangled head. In a stroke of design genius, Hasbro added a special compartment in the normal head that allows collectors to store both Liberty’s head and all ten parasites.

Source: Cloverfield

Year: 2008

Retail: $99.99

What's In The Box?
  • Monster's Body (Electronic)
  • Normal Head
  • Roaring Head
  • 10X Mini-Monster Parasites
  • Liberty's Mangled Head
  • Display Diorama

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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