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Elseworlds - Series 1
  Crimson Mist: Batman
  Red Son: Superman
  Red Son: Wonder Woman
  Thrillkiller: Batman
  Thrillkiller: Batgirl
Elseworlds - Series 2
  Gotham By Gaslight: Batman
  Kingdome Come: Spectre & Norman McCay
  Kingdom Come: Jade
  Red Son: Batman
  Red Son: President Superman
Elseworlds - Series 3
  Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl
  Elseworld's Finest: Batgirl
  Kingdom Come: Aquaman
  Kingdom Come: Nightstar
  Red Son: Green Lantern
Elseworlds - Series 4
  Amazonia: Wonder Woman
  JSA Liberty Files: Batman
  JSA Liberty Files: Flash
  Kingdom Come: Blue Beetle
  The Dark Side Superman (Dark)
  The Dark Side Superman (Good)

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