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Hasbro: G.I. Joe – Rise Of Cobra
Yo Joe
Cobra Commander

Comments: The deviously brilliant leader of Cobra demands complete allegiance from his followers as he works towards his ultimate goal of controlling the world. He hides a deadly secret few others know, just as his mask covers disfiguring damage from a fiery accident.

The Cobra Commander figure was released as part of the second wave of G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra basic figure Collection 1.

Source: G.I. Joe

Collection: Rise Of Cobra

Year: 2009

Retail: $7.99

  • Laser Gun
  • Nanomite Injector
  • Nanomite Remote Control
  • Cobra ‘Pet’
  • Coat (vest portion)
  • Face Plate
  • Firing Gun w/ Missile
  • Cobra Commander Display Stand

  • Note:
  • The figure used in this Photo Archive was packaged on the Canadian version of the standard packaging. Due to the multi-language packaging, it comes with a packed in file card with French on one side and Spanish on the other.
  • This figure features a running production change, Figures produced earlier in the production run had holes in the back of the helmet and on the front of the chest plate. These were designed to hold tubes from his chest to his head, but none shipped with the tubes. As the production run continued, Hasbro had the holes removed.

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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