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G.I. JOE - 25th ANNIVERSARY - 2007
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Duke Gung-Ho Roadblock Scarlett Snake Eyes (Battle Pack) Baroness Cobra Commander Cobra Trooper (Battle Pack) Destro Storm Shadow (Cobra Ninja) Cobra Air Trooper Cobra Commander (Cobra Legions) Cobra Stinger Driver Cobra Trooper (Cobra Legions) Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Cobra Commander (Hooded) Cobra Trooper Flint Snake Eyes (Wave 1) Storm Shadow (Ninja) Timber (Black) Timber (White) Beachhead Dreadnok Buzzer Cobra Officer Lady Jaye Serpentor Firefly Red Ninja Sgt. Stalker Shipwreck Zartan Crimson Guard Blade Destro (Iron Grenadier Leader) Sgt. Flash Snake Eyes (Wave 4) Snow Job Cobra Commander (Comic Pack) Duke (Comic Pack) Pimp Destro (SDCC - SIlver Mask) Pimp Destro (SDCC - Gold Mask) Agent Scarlett (Comic Pack) General Hawk (Comic Pack) Snake Eyes (Comic Pack) Storm Shadow (Comic Pack) Destro (Comic Pack) Cpl. Breaker (Comic Pack) Dreadnok Torch Dreadnok Ripper

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