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Hasbro: G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary
Yo Joe!
Specialist Trakker
(Advanced Vehicle Specialist)

Character Bio:
By Vince Zannelli

File Name: Trakker, Matt
Primary Military Specialty: Vehicle Designer
Secondary Military Specialty: Advanced Technology
Birthplace: Classified
SN: Classified
Bio: SPECIALIST TRAKKER leads a secret unit which develops ordinary-looking vehicles that convert into advanced combat vehicles. Joining forces with the G.I. Joe team, the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (M.A.S.K.) team battles V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem), the unit COBRA formed to construct its own converting vehicles. SPECIALIST TRAKKER uses his next-gen technological devices to preserve peace throughout the world and stop the corrupt forces that are using the same technology to amass power in a quest to control the world. "We have a responsibility to use our ingenuity and advancements to help the world - and stop the power-hungry despots and criminals who hunger for their own glory."

The subject of criticism from many 1980s toy collectors, this unique wave 11 figure blends two popular vintage toy brands into one product release. The figure boasts a re-envisioning of the original 2" Kenner Matt Trakker figure, leader of M.A.S.K., and includes a sub-machine gun, M.A.S.K. style helmet, a green and black colored transforming helicopter backpack accessory, and stand. The helicopter backpack is loosely based on the vintage Condor M.A.S.K. vehicle, which was a green and black motorcycle that transformed into a one-manned helicopter. The main topic being debated between toy purists concerns Specialist Trakker's file card and how Hasbro suggests that M.A.S.K and V.E.N.O.M. were directly spawned via the G.I. Joe and Cobra teams; others feel that the toy is a long-awaited litmus test to see if the modern toy market responds favorably to such an amalgamation of brands.

Source: G.I. Joe

Collection: A Real American Hero

Year: 2008

Assortment: Basic Figures

Retail: $6.99

  • Chest Armour
  • Helmet
  • Helicopter Backpack w/ handle and gun
  • Assualt Rifle
  • G.I. Joe Display Stand

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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