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By Chris H. and D. Martin Myatt

The 2017 International Toy Fair brings the Cool Toy Review team back to New York City to give you the complete rundown on all the major licensees of action figures and all-round cool toys. Just like in previous years, you can find all of the Star Wars coverage on Rebelscum.


Bluefin Distribution's Tamashii Nations is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a world tour where fans from around the globe and pick up event exclusives - additional details on that can be found on their website. Other details and announcements from the booth: - They announced a new license at the show: Pacific Rim 2: Uprising. We can expect Jaegers and Kaiju in multiple product categories (including die-cast, which, let's face it, will be spectacular!). - While we've already got a Manga Realization Samurai Spiderman, this March will see the addition of a Koutetsu-Samurai Iron Man Mk-3. - The S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI will be shipping with a terrific Hall of Armor display. - The WWE Superstars S.H.Figuarts marches on with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H - the likeness on these guys are pretty incredible. It's amazing what can be done at that scale.


Cryptozoic Entertainment continues to do some interesting things with their DC comics license - their booth held everything from superhero mini-shoes to tiki-style Batman characters.


Dark Horse was on hand at Toy Fair with some fantastic additions to their Game of Thrones line, including an actual Hodor doorstop!


Year after year, a favorite stop for us is the DC Collectibles booth and their 2017 International Toy Fair display was not a let down! Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at everything they had on display!


Pull up a chair and put up your feet. The next addition to our continuing coverage of the 2017 International Toy Fair is a massive gallery showing off everything we were permitted to shoot in the Diamond Select Toys booth. Click any of the thumbnails above to view the entire gallery!


Factory Entertainment displayed many new collectibles based on Marvel Studios, DC Comics, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Shawn Of The Dead, Harry Potter, and Game Of Thrones!


There aren't too many examples of better sculpts and paint applications to be found outside the Four Horsemen Studios booth. These guys have a great track record of delivering imaginative action figures year after year.


You'd be hard pressed to find a company with more licenses on display than Funko - everything from Rick and Morty to Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. Their Pop! lineup continues to expand with some pretty fantastic additions as well!


Hasbro Fan Media Event

Each year the Hasbro Media Event is a trove of information, and 2017 was no different! Here's the rundown:

- Upcoming "Forged to Fight", a fighting game featuring the complete history/universe of Transformers, coming Spring 2017 to the app store and Google Play.
- Generations this year centers around the Prime Wars trilogy, with Titans Returns for 2017 and Power of the Primes in 2018.
- - Titan Masters Wave 2 Ramhorm, Roadburn, Cosmos, and Seaspray. Deluxe figs in Wave 2 Perceptor, Flintlock, Quake, Topspin, and Krok.
- - Titans Retrun Wave will feature Twintwist, Windblade / Scorchfire Murk / Octone, Hazard / Blitzwing, Dreadnaut / Overlord (jet mode, tank mode, and base mode!).
- - New Collection Packs Fastlane, Nautica, Laser Prime, and Quickswitch coming soon.
- - "Strength" set diecast Thunderwing, Pounce, Metalhawk, Tidal Wave, and Magnus Prime.
- - Trypticon was of course the Fan Vote Winner, and we finally got to see him! The presentation ran through the design process for this guy, from rough foam models, a kit-bashed version, a rough block model that had articulation, and technical drawings. It's an impressive year-long journey to the final figure. It transforms into one of the biggest bases they've created, while also featuring a spaceship mode. Trypticon eats Titan Masters, and watching the presenters feed him was pretty satisfying.
- Power of the Primes sneak peek:
- - Last month's "Who's Your Prime" vote resulted in Optimus Primal as the next Prime! Beastwars fans rejoice!
- Robots in Disguise (about to launch season three of the series):
- - Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Race Track trailer (huge!)

- Transformers: The Last Knight movie line
- - "Premier Edition" line to include new characters and old favorites with Steelbane (dragon), Dinobot Slug, Slash, Strafe, and Grimlock (movie accurate color scheme), Voyager class Scorn, Bumblebee with new sculpt, Drift, Crosshairs (Corvette), Megatron, Hound (removable helmet, new look all around), Megatron Leader Class version, a Deluxe Sqweeks (scooter). - - Optimus Prime with "allspark tech" that brings him to life with speech, 20+ sound effects.
- - A giant Dragonstorm dragon Transformer, new for the movie (as seen in the background of the current trailer)
- - Last Knight products hit shelfs April 24th

- Kids line for Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 includes Music Mix Star-lord, dancing Groot, and growing Groot (extends to 15" tall!)
- Spiderman Homecoming kids costumes, webshooters, and more
- Classic Spiderman 46' tall Mega City playset

- Legends Series
- - 3-3/4" Dr. Strange and Guardians 2-packs
- - Spiderman Homecoming Spidey and Vulture
- - Spiderman Wave 2 with weblink and home-made sweatsuit version, Vulture, and a build-a-vehicle (12 POA with a stand)
- - Marvel Now Moonknight (with moon-a-rangs), and Cosmic Spiderman (with Capt. Universe Head and unmasked Peter Parker)
- - Legends of Tombstone and Beetle
- - Iron Man and Spidey 2-pack
- - GotG2 Adam Warlock
- - GotG 2 Wave 2 with Star-Lord and long coat, Gamora with new costume, Drax with rocket launcher, Rocket (with a ton of articulation and alternate head) and quarter-sized Baby Groot, Nebula, Mantis (Build-a-Figure), and finally revealed Ego figure (in a 2-pack with unmasked Star-lord)
- - Jane Foster Thor for 2017!

- 12-inch Legends
- - Captain America, Iron Man, and Spiderman
- - Classic Deadpool (lots of accessories)
- - Thor with interchangeable heads and hands
- - 14.5" Hulk! Comes with two head sculpts, hands, and fists

- Premium Role Play
- - Mjolnir electronic hammer coming this Fall. Fetaure voice recognition that reveals Odins mark in the hammer!
- - Star-lord electronic helmet, with lights, sounds, and bluetooth speakers!
- - Available for pre-order today from Amazon

- Exclusives
- - Amazon Sinister Six 3-3/4" classic character pack in a terrific vintage style box
- - TRU 6" exclusives Mary Jane and Peter Parker 2-pack, and a Dark Phoenix 2-pack with Cyclops, and an A-Force box set
- - TRU 6" Groot (with potted and baby Groots)
- - Walmart 6" Spider-Man and Vulture 2-pack, 10.5" Baby Ravager Groot
- - Target 12" Black suit Spider-Man, and some Marvel Vs. Capcom (not yet revealed)
- - Walgreens 6" Invisible Woman and a 6" Human Torch
- Marvel Netflix Daredevil and Elektra 6"
So what about Star Wars? Our sister site more Toy Fair Hasbro details than you can shake a lightsaber at.

Disney Princess

Following a very strong presence over the holiday season, there is no room to debate the success of Hasbro's Disney Princess collection. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at all the new products they had on display in their 2017 International Toy Fair showroom.

Disney's Beauty And The Beast

Click the thumbnails above to have a look at Hasbro's initial assortment of dolls and action figures based on the upcoming Disney feature film Beauty And The Beast.

Disney's Descendants 2

Hasbro has revealed what they have planned for their Disney's Descendants 2 doll collection. Click the thumbnails above to see all they had on display in their 2017 International Toy Fair showroom.

Even More Disney Stuff

The gallery linked above show off more of the Disney products displayed in Hasbro's 2017 International Toy Fair showroom. Click any of the thumbnails to have a closer look at the Moana, Frozen, Elena of Avalor, and Tangles: The Series toys.

Marvel Products

Click the thumbnails above to check out the new Marvel Legends, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 assortments!


Hasbro had a massive Transformers display at the entrance of their 2017 International Toy Fair showroom. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at everything they were showing!


Kotobukiya's booth at the 2017 International Toy Fair was packed full of cool new collectibles based on the characters from Marvel Comics, Kill Bill, Child's Play, Friday The 13th, Street Fighter, Edward Scissorhands, Super Friends, Batman: The Animated Series, DC Comics, and more. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look. Head over to Rebelscum to check out all the Star Wars stuff they were displaying.



With our engineering degrees, it is safe to say that the Cool Toy Review team has nothing but the deepest interest in all aspects of city planning, and as such we have chosen to end our 2017 International Toy Fair coverage with a gallery that shows off all LEGO had on display in their (effing awesome) Architecture collection. Thumbnail clicking equals full gallery view, as you know, so pitter patter to see what they had on display!


Beyond the Jack Sparrow featured below, LEGO displayed five other BRICKHEADZ in their showroom at the 2017 International Toy Fair. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the Beauty And The Beast Belle, and the DC Comics Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Joker BRICKHEADZ. In addition, there were two Disney placards displayed. What do you think they'll be?

DC Superhero Girls

Who doesn't love DC Superhero Girls? These LEGO sets and figures are just about all you could ask for in a superhero line!

Disney Princess

Fans of LEGO's Disney Princess line will want to click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the new sets they had on display in their showroom at the 2017 International Toy Fair!

Marvel Super Heroes

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man, Red AND Green Hulks! Plenty of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to be had in the gallery linked above!


The Batman Movie dominated LEGO's 2017 International Toy Fair Minifigures display. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at everything they had on display.


Even with a movie in the works that may need some additional online toy media support (it doesn't really need online toy media support whatsoever) LEGO wouldn't let us photograph anything that had to do with their upcoming Ninjago feature film, but thankfully they had other stuff for this brand on display in their 2017 International Toy Fair showroom. Click any of those thumbnails above to see what they let us show you.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

While they didn't have much Pirates Of The Caribbean stuff on display in their 2017 International Toy Fair, LEGO did show off their Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Armando Salazar BRICKHEADZ as well as the awesome Silent Mary set based on the upcoming feature film sequel Dead Men Tell No Tales. Click the thumbnails to check them out!

Toy Fair 2017: LEGO

LEGO had no shortage of vehicles and playsets for their terrific The Batman Movie display in their booth - click a thumbnail for the full gallery!


Justice League Action Collection

Mattel displayed some of their Justice League Action figures during the 2017 International Toy Fair, but we're not certain any of them are actually new. If this is a line that captures your imagination, click the thumbnails above and see if there is anything surprising in the gallery.

DC Comics Multiverse Action Figures

Mattel's 2017 International Toy Fair reveals included many new DC Comics Multiverse action figures and their stunning Collect & Connect build-a-figures. Click the thumbnails above to see which DC heroes and villains made the cut!

DC Super Hero Girls

The gallery linked above shows off the latest additions to Mattel's DC Super Hero Girls collection. Click the thumbnails to check out the new dolls and the first assortment of the mini figures!

Monster High

There will be more figures in Mattel's Monster High doll and Monster Minis collections. Click the thumbnails above to have a look at what they had on display at their special media event at the 2017 International Toy Fair.

Teen Titans GO!

Evildoers look out! The young heroes from Teen Titans GO! were in command of one small (mini?) section of Mattel's 2017 International Toy Fair display. Click the thumbnails above to have a look.

Wonder Woman

The display linked through the thumbnails above showcases the first assortment of Wonder Woman dolls being offered from Mattel. Check out the toys based on the upcoming feature film revealed at the 2017 International Toy Fair.


Mattel showed off their latest offerings for the popular WWE line - click a thumbnail above for a closer look.


Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at what they coming up from Destiny, Five Nights At Freddy's, South Park, Steven Universe, Rick & Morty, The Walking Dead, and more!


In the days following the 2017 International Toy Fair, one company's product reveals have been the subject of conversation more than all others, and with the publication of this story, you'll be able to see what it is that keeps Mezco Toyz on our minds when we're asked what amazed us at the annual event!


Some great new stuff was on display in NECA's 2017 International Toy Fair booth. Click the thumbnails above to have a look at the full gallery and make sure to check out the 1/4 scale Daredevil, the Superman Vs Aliens, and the classic Kenner Aliens Ripley figures. Even though everything displayed was quite cool, these mentioned figures were too cool not to single out!


There are plenty of posing possibilities with PPW Toys Marvel-themed "Wood Warriors"


There was a lot of cool stuff in the Qmx - Quantum Mechanix booth (including the Millennium Falcon Cutaway Replica we showed off on Rebelscum). Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at their DC Comics, Star Trek, Supernatural, Prince Bride collectibles and more!


The Play Arts Kai action figures on display at the Square Enix booth were as stunning as always. Click any of the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the 2017 offerings!


Alien, Masters of the Universe,and Planet of the Apes - the Super7 Toy Fair booth this year held all this an more.


The Surreal Entertainment booth held some slick ceramic Rick and Morty items, along side some Marvel cups, pots, and jars.

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