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MATTEL: DC Universe Classics
Mr. Miracle

Comments: Released in the early 2009, the sixth wave of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line gave toy buyers the opportunity to Collect & Connect a properly proportioned figure based on Kalibak. This wave featured five characters including Hawkman, Killer Moth, Mister Miracle, “Shazam!”, and Superman (Black Costume). This wave has two relevant chase figure variations that give collectors the choice between the regular Superman and a 1990’s style Red & Blue costume variant, a retooled Mister Miracle figure that creates a Doctor Impossible action figure.

First Appearance:
DC Comics
Mister Miracle #1
(April 1971)

Year: 2009

Collection: DC Universe Classics

Assortment: Series 6

Retail: $9.99

  • Mother Box
  • 2x Hover Disks
  • Shackles

  • Collect & Connect:
  • Kalibak’s Right Leg

  • Variations:
  • While this figure may not have any documented variations, it has been retooled to double as the Dr. Impossible chase figure, also from series 6.

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