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Ray Stanz (Lab Coat)

Comments: Doctor of Parapsychology. Heart of the organization. Designs Ghostbusters equipment with Egon. Pioneer of the Ghostbusters theories. Expert on paranormal history. Vast knowledge of metallurgy. Firehouse pole enthusiast. Procured the Ecto-1.

Source: Ghostbusters

Year: 2010

Assortment: Action Figures

Retail: $20.00

Assortment Number: R6252

UPC Number:
0 27084 83605 9

  • Ghost Sniffer Device
  • Subway Ghost
  • Display Stand

  • Note:
    This figure of Ray Stanz is based on the likeness of Dan Ackroyd, the actor who protrayed the character in the feature films.

    Photography by Dan Curto


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