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McFarlane Toys: Guitar Hero
Guitar Heroe
Johnny Napalm

Comments: 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning.' Whoever said that never met Johnny. Up all night thrashing and partying, there is no sleeping for Johnny, just blacking out.

Johnny Napalm was released in the first, and only 2008 assortment of McFarlane Toys’ Guitar Hero 6” action figure collection.

Source: Guitar Hero

Year: 2008

Guitar Hero

Series 1

  • Guitar
  • Guitar Hero Display Stand

  • Variations:
  • The entire 2008 Guitar Hero 6” action figure collection was produced with multiple paint variations.

    The Johnny Napalm figure saw four variations released in 2008. The standard figure had a brown mohawk, while one variation had a green mohawk. The third variation, exclusive to Toys “R” Us, had a black mohawk. The forth variation was more dramatic and saw the figure repainted with a full-body skeleton tattoo.
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