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Sideshow Collectibles: Marvel Comics
San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Convention Exclusive
Weapon X
Weapon X (Adamantium-Laced Skeleton)

Comments: Enchanted weapons, high tech armor, and Adamantium-laced skeletons are just some of the unique items that are utilized by the denizens of the Marvel Universe. The Marvel characters are as well known for their costumes, weapons, and gadgetry as they are for their heroism and villainy. Sideshow Collectibles brings these iconic accessories to our universe with a line of miniature replicas, depicting the most memorable items used by the Earth's mightiest heroes and most infamous villains.

Every inch of Wolverine's skeleton, including his six retractable one-foot long claws, is covered in Adamantium. This man-made alloy is nearly indestructible and was grafted to his bones while he spent time in the Weapon X program. Not only does this make Wolverine's skeleton virtually unbreakable, but it also makes his claws razor sharp, enabling him to cut through nearly any substance. The added mass of the Adamantium covering Wolverine's bones has practically doubled his body weight. Combined with his heightened senses, a mutant healing factor, and extensive hand-to-hand combat skills, Wolverine is a ferocious killing machine.

Source: Marvel Comics:
Weapon X

Year: 2007

Number: 6806

Assortment: Marvel Archives

Retail: $99.00

Limited Edition: 475/500

UPC Number:
7 47720 20785

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  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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