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12" Figures
  Australian Light Horseman
  British Lewis Gunner / Allied Powers
  French Foreign Legionnaire
  French Rifleman / Allied Powers
  Dress Blues R. Lee Ermey
  Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey
  German Infantry Lieutenant
  German Trench Raider
  German 23rd IR Infantryman
  German 6th Sturmpioneer / Central Powers
  Lt. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker
  The Red Baron
  The Red Baron Ace
  Scottish Black Watch / Allied Powers
  US 5th Marine Rifleman
  US Army Infantryman: Private AEF 1918
  US Army Officer: Liuetenent AEF 1918
  US General John Joseph Pershing: AEF 1918
  WWI French Foreign Legionnaire R.M.L.E.

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