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Sideshow Collectibles: Marvel Comics
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Exclusive Edition Premium Format Figure

Comments: Emma Frost was born into a wealthy old Boston mercantile family, the second of three daughters. Unknown to their family or themselves, the three Frost sisters were mutants whose telepathic abilities matured upon reaching puberty. When it came time for their father to choose a worthy heir to the family fortune, Emma was chosen but surprisingly refused, choosing to make her own way through life. She ascended rapidly to the upper echelon of the business world on the strength of her intelligence, drive and personal charm, as well as the secret use of her mental powers. Eventually, Emma became majority stockholder of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, and despite her relative youth, she was named chairwoman of the board and chief executive officer of the rechristened Frost International. She also became headmistress and chairwoman of the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Academy - a college preparatory school located in the Berkshire Mountains of Snow Valley, Massachusetts, which would eventually become a training school for young mutants.

Emma's success caught the attention of the Hellfire Club, an elite social organization consisting of the world's wealthiest and most powerful figures. Frost quickly became an ally of Sebastian Shaw, a member of the club's Council of the Chosen who were secretly conspiring to achieve world domination through economic and political means. The Council's ruling White King, Edward Buckman, told Shaw the initiative's intent was to capture mutants as a means of helping the council attain power, but using her psionic powers, Emma learned that the project's actual purpose was the annihilation of all genetic deviants. After Shaw's lover was murdered by one of the Sentinels, Shaw and Frost staged a coup that saw them seize control of the Council of the Chosen, which they renamed the Inner Circle.

Sideshow Collectibles’ Emma Frost Premium Format Figure was announced on May 15th, 2009 and went up for pre-order May 21st, 2009. The statue started shipping the following December.



Reg. Price: $249.99

Excl. Price: $259.99

Item #:7214

Excl. #:72141

Edition Size:750

Excl. Size:500

  • Body
  • Magnetic Left Arm
  • Magnetic Left Arm
  • Base

  • Exclusive Piece:
  • Magnetic Left Arm Clutching Cyclops’ Visor

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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