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Basic Figures
  Apollo (Lee Adama)
  Hot Dog (Brendan Costanza)
  Kat (Louanne Katraine)
  Cylon Centurion
  Starbuck (Kara Thrace)
  Cylon Guardian
  Husker (William Adama)
  Lt. Kendra Shaw
  Admiral Helena Cain
  Admiral William Adama
  President Laura Roslin
  President Lee Adama
Exclusive Figures
  Caprica Six - Previews
  Chief Tyrol - Diamond
  Helo (Karl Agathon) -
  Samuel Anders - FYE
  Apollo (Galactica Lee Adama) - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Centurion (Battle Damaged)
  Cylon Centurion (Civil War) - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Centurion (Downloaded) - SDCC 2008
  Cylon Centurion (New Caprica) -
  Cylon Centurion (Stealth) - NYCC 2009
  Cylon Centurion (Valley of Darkness) - SDCC 2008
  Cylon Pilot
  Gina Invieri - Previews
  Apollo (Off Duty) - Toys "R" Us
  Boomer (New Caprica) - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Centurion (Mortar Pack) - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Centurion (Red Stripe) - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Pilot - Previews
  Cylon Warrior -
  Cylon Pilot Commander - Toys "R" Us
  Cylon Warrior Commander - Previews
  Samuel "Longshot" Anders - Toys "R" Us
Figure 2-Packs
  Apollo (Pegasus Commander) & Lt. Dualla - Toys "R" Us
  Boomer & Athena
  Starbuck & Leoben
  Cylon Centurions (Battle Damaged) -
  Cylon Centurions (Daybreak)
  Tigh & Gaeta

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