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Union Jack

Comments: His strength and reflexes enhanced by the ancient, mystical Power of the Pendragon, Union Jack serves England and her people. Though his primary purpose is to defend his homeland from the ravages of the undead, vampires are in short supply these days. He works mostly alongside MI-13, defending the British Isles against all those who mean them harm.

Source: Marvel Comics:
Union Jack, Invaders, Captain America, Captain Britain and MI13

Collection: 4

Year: 2009

Number: 026

Assortment: Basic Figures

Retail: $7.99

Assortment Number: 89930/78230

UPC Number:
6 53569 38486 1

  • Revolver
  • Knife
  • TOP SECRET Folder
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. File
  • Secret Code
  • Registration Act ID Card

  • Note:
    This figure of Union Jack sports 22 points of articulation!

    Photography by Dan Curto


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