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Giant-Size X-Men (35th Anniversary Set)

Comments: When Cyclops staggered back into the mansion — sole survivor of a catastrophic mission to a remote Pacific island — Charles Xavier was forced to make one of the most painful decisions of his life. To save the young people he had raised to be warriors for their kind, he would have to send a team of untrained, untested mutants into an almost certain death trap. Krakoa was unlike any threat the X-Men had ever faced — a living ecosystem with absolute control over its environment. But to save his students — and absolve himself of the horrible sins he'd committed in the pursuit of his goals — he is prepared to risk anything — even these six young lives.

Thirty-five years ago, one of the most influential comics of all time hit the shelves. Giant-Size X-Men #1 forever changed the world of mutants, and altered a beloved team of Super Heroes beyond recognition. In a single comic, the X-Men changed from a small group into a community, and the landscape of Marvel Comics was fundamentally altered. No longer were mutants a rare occurrence in the Marvel Universe,. There were suddenly dozens or hundreds around the world who might one day save the wordld — or threathen to destroy it.

Source: Marvel Comics:

Collection: 1

Year: 2011
(Toys "R" Us Exclusive)

Number: None

Assortment: Multipacks

Retail: $34.99

Assortment Number: 21131

UPC Number:
6 53569 63034 0

  • None

  • Notes:
  • There is a variant edition for this set, which includes alternate deco for Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus.

  • This set was meant to be released in 2010, the actual 35th anniversary of Giant-Size X-Men #1.

  • Colossus is a retool of the single-carded Colossus, with a new shirt and kneepads.

  • Cyclops is a repaint of the figure from Hulk & Cyclops Comic Pack.

  • Nightcrawler is a repaint of the figure from Nightcrawler & Storm Comic Pack.

  • Storm is a new figure using the original female buck with a new head and cape.

  • Thunderbird is a retool of Warpath, with a new head, belt and fringe.

  • Wolverine is a retool Wolverine (Yellow & Blue), with a new head.

  • Photography by Dan Curto


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