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  Angel & Colossus
  Cyclops & Magneto
  Hawkeye & Captain America
  Wolverine & Sabertooth
  Daredevil & Elektra
  Hulk & Wasp
  Iron Man & Thor
  Punisher & Ghost Rider
  Human Torch & Silver Surfer
  Invisible Woman & Doctor Doom
  Mister Fantastic & Super-Skrull
  Thing & Namor
  Beast & Iceman
  Nightcrawler & Juggernaut
  Thing & Mole Man
  Wolverine & Phoenix
  Captain America (Ultimate) & Nick Fury (Ultimate)
  Human Torch & Annihilus
  Storm & Black Panther
  Wolverine & Weapon X Cycle
  Dr. Strange & Ant-Man
  Pyro & Iceman
  Gambit & Rogue
  Thor & Loki
  Cable & Captain America
  Deadpool & Punisher
  Doc Ock & Black-Suited Spider-Man
  Spider-Woman & Hulk
  Daredevil & Spider-Man
  Ghost Rider & Flame Cycle
  Venom & Spider-Man
  Wolverine & Psylocke
  Spider-Man & Hobgoblin
  Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) & Carnage
  Thor & Ares
  Wolverine & Hand Ninja
  Blade & Punisher
  Captain America & Red Skull
  Spider-Man & Electro
  Spider-Man & Sentry
  Skrull Soldier & Nick Fury
  Skrull Soldier & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
  Spider-Man & Ultron
  Spider-Man (Black Costume) & Ronin
  Weapon X & Mystique
  Cyclops & Marvel Girl
  Spider-Man & Shang Chi
  Shockproof Spider-Man & Shocker
  Thing & Kang
  Beast & Avalanche
  Captain Amercia & Black Widow
  Spider-Man & Rhino
  Spider-Man & Tombstone
  Avengers Assemble!
  Avengers Face-Off! (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  Battle for New York!
  Spider-Man Saves The Day
  Super Teams: The Defenders
  Super Teams: The New Fantastic Four
  Winter Soldier Saga
  X-Men: Showdown with Magneto!
  X-Men Unite: Juggernaut Attacks!
  X-Men's Danger Room Debacle! (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  Collector's Pack (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  Collector's Pack II (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
Mega Packs
  Galactus & Human Torch
  Sentinel & Wolverine
  Apocalypse & Beast
  Giant Man (Ultimate) & Iron Man (Ultimate)
  Fin Fang Foom & Iron Man
  Sentinel & Cyclops
  Hulk (Ultimate) & Wolverine (Ultimate)
  Galactus & Mister Fantastic
Spider-Man 3
  Sandman & Spider-Man
  Spider-Man & Green Goblin
  Spider-Man & New Goblin
  Spider-Man & Venom
  Spider-Man & Doc Ock
  Spider-Man & Rhino
  Green Goblin & New Goblin
  Lizard & Spider-Man
  Scorpion & Spider-Man
  Spider-Man & Black Cat
  Spider-Man & Mysterio
  Venom & Puma
  Spider-Man & Vulture
  Venom & Sandman
  Doctor Octopus Single Pack
  Green Goblin Single Pack
  New Goblin Single Pack
  Sandman Single Pack
  Spider-Man Single Pack
  Venom Single Pack
  Sand Pit Stand-Off Boxed Set
  Spider-Man & Battle Truck
  Spider-Man & Spider-Racer
  Bank Heist Battleground
Iron Man
  Crimson Dynamo Attacks
  Face Off!
  Hall of Armor
  Iron Monger Attacks
  The Danger of Dreadknight
  The Genius of Tony Stark
  Hulk & Hulkbuster Iron Man
  Hulk & Hulkbuster
  Hulk & Silver Savage
  Abomination & Hulk
  She-Hulk & Thing
  Hulk & Wolverine
  Hulk & Black Bolt
  Hulk & Absorbing Man
  Hulk & Skaar, Son of Hulk
  Hulk & Doc Samson
  Gray Hulk & Leader Villain
  Hulk & Zzzax
  Brawl That Shook The Earth
  Gamma Lab
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  Battling Brotherhood
  Doom of the Dark Beast
  The Coming of Apocalypse
  The Hunt for Mr. Sinister
  The Uncanny X-Men
  Wolverine on the Run

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