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Winston Zeddemore

Comments: Former Marine. Former Cab Driver. Former Construction Worker. Holds Multiple Academic Degrees. "Voice of reason" for the Ghostbusters. Does most of the routine Maintenance on the Ecto-1. Only non-founding member of the team.

Source: Ghostbusters

Year: 2009

Assortment: Action Figures

Retail: $20.00

Assortment Number: R1242

UPC Number:
0 27084 79861

  • Proton Pack (Attached)
  • Neutrino Wand (Attached)
  • Ghost Trap with Pedal
  • Energy Effect

  • Note:
  • This figure of Winston Zeddemore is exclusive to MattyCollector.com. It will go on sale on December 15, 2009.
  • Point of Interest:
    The Winston Zeddemore figure is based on the likeness of Ernie Hudson, the actor who protrayed the character in the feature films.

    Photography by Dan Curto


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