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MUPPETS - Series 1
  Kermit (with TV Camera)
  Miss Piggy
  Dr. Teeth
  Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
MUPPETS - Series 2
  Fozzie Bear
  Gonzo (The Great)
  Floyd (Blue Shirt variant)
  Crazy Harry
MUPPETS - Series 3
  Rowlf (Tuxedo - Black)
  Zoot (Red Shirt variant)
  Lew Zealand
MUPPETS - Series 4
  Captain Link Hogthrob
  Dr. Julius Strangepork
  Sam the Eagle (Mr. Samuel Arrow)
  Rizzo the Rat
  Rizzo the Rat (Blue Jacket variant)
MUPPETS - Series 5
  Gonzo (Tuxedo - Purple)
  Janice (Silver Shirt variant)
  Muppet Newsman
MUPPETS - Series 6
  Clifford (variant)
  Fozzie (Patrol Bear)
MUPPETS - Series 7
  Kermit (Captain Smollet)
  Robin (Frog Scout)
  Johnny Fiama (Burgundy)
  Johnny Fiama (Pinstripes)
  Johnny Fiama (Silver)
MUPPETS - Series 8
  Sam the Eagle
  Sam the Eagle (Shifty Eyed variant)
  Marvin Suggs
  Marvin Suggs (Black & Silver variant)
  Scooter (Usher)
  Dr. Phil Van Neuter
MUPPETS - Series 9
  Fozzie (Tuxedo - Black)
  The Swedish Chef
  Lips (Variant 1)
  Lips (Variant 2)
MUPPETS - Playsets
  Muppet Labs with Beaker
  Electric Mayhem with Animal
  Swedish Kitchen with the Swedish Chef
  SwineTrek Playset with First Mate Piggy
  Muppet Show Backstage with Rowlf
MUPPETS - Exclusives 2002
  Beaker (Vanishing Cream) - Chicago Wizard World
  Beaker (Invisible) - Industy Giveaway
  Dr. Teeth (Black Suit) - Wizard World East
  Fozzie (Vacation - Blue Shirt) - Musicland
  Fozzie (vacation - Red Shirt) - ToyFare
  Fozzie (Vanishing Invisible Spray) - San Diego Comic Con
  Gonzo (Daredevil) - EB Games
  Kermit (Tuxedo - Black) - ToyFare/Toys "R" Us
  Kermit (Tuxedo - Green Vest, Red Bowtie) - Holiday Giveaway
  Kermit & Miss Piggy (Wedding)
  Miss Piggy (Long Hair) - EB Games
MUPPETS - Exclusives 2003
  Animal (Palisades T-Shirt) - Convention
  Bunsen and Beaker (Tuxedos) - Wizard World East
  Kermit (Koozebane Reporter) - Target
  Kermit (Koozebane Reporter - Glow-in-the-Dark) - Target
  Kermit (Koozebane Reporter - Neon) - Target
  Pepe (Vacation - Red Shirt) - ToyFare
  Pepe (Vacation - Blue Shirt) - Musicland
  Rizzo (Black Jacket) - Wizard World East Industry
  Rizzo (Holiday - Red Shirt) - Collector's Club
  Rizzo (Holiday - Green Shirt) - Industry Giveaway
  Rowlf (Tuxedo - White)
  Scooter (Superhero) - ToyFare
  Statler & Waldorf (Vaudeville) - Wizard World Chicago
  Swedish Chef (Culinary Catastrophe) - San Diego Comic Con
MUPPETS - Exclusives 2004
  Animal (Black & Silver) - Killertoys
  Animal (Blue & Gold) - Collector's Paradise
  Animal (Purple & Grey) - Cheap New Figures
  Beaker (Super) - San Diego Comic Con
  Gonzo (Modern) - Palisades
  Gonzo (Tuxedo - Black) - Wizard World Philadelphia
  Gonzo (Tuxedo - Blue) - Maryland Small Business Awards
  Gonzo (Tuxedo - Gold) - Toy Fair
  Jim Henson Muppet - Palisades
  Kermit (Adventure) - Convention Tour
  Sam Arrow (Ghost) - Wizard World Long Beach
  Swedish Chef (Holiday Santa) - eBay
  Sweetums - Cheap New Figures
MUPPETS - Exclusives 2005
  Uncle Deadly - Cheap New Figures
  Penguin 2-Pack - Cheap New Figures
  Kermit & Robin (Rainbow Connection) - Palisades
  Gonzo & Rizzo (Treasure Island) - Wizard World Los Angeles
  Kermit (Frog Scout Leader with Blue Frog Scout) - Wizard World Philadelphia
  Kermit (Frog Scout Leader with Green Frog Scout) - Wizard World Philadelphia

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