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Toy Biz: Marvel Super Heroes

Comments: Without a doubt, Venom is Spider-Man’s nastiest nemesis. Like Spider-Man, Venom is super-strong and can crawl up walls. But what makes Venom so dangerous is his costume – it’s actually a living alien creature! Whenever Venom grabs someone, the costume shoots out energy-draining liquid that can overpower even the strongest hero. And because Venom hates Spider-Man more than anyone, he can’t wait to grab Spider-Man and drain all the energy out of him!

To create the deadly “living skin”, remove the plunger from Venom’s back, fill half full with the slime found in the spider shaped storage dispenser, and replace the plunger. Slowly depress Venom’s plunger and watch as the “living skin” emerges. To clean Venom, remove the plunger and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Source: Marvel Comics:
Spider-Man, Venom

Collection: 2

Year: 1991

Assortment: Action Figures

Retail: $3.99

Item Number: 4816

UPC Number:
0 35112 04816 9

  • Plunger
  • "Living Skin" Slime
  • Storage Container

  • Note:
    As seen in several photos, this figure of Venom has suffered some water and rust damage over the years.

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