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2011 In (Cool Toy) Review: Funnest New Line Of The Year
Posted by D_Martin on December 31, 2011 at 11:13 PM CST:

Imagine if we had Mogwai and Gremlin figures when we were kids? Sure, if they came out in the Eighties, they wouldn't have been well painted, the sculpts would have had pretty soft details, and the articulation would have been the five point style made the standard design by Kenner's Star Wars collection, but they would have been awesome nonetheless. Even though we never got these figures back then, we'd like to consider NECA's Gremlins line the Power Of The Force 2 of 2011. This line of action figures reminds of our childhoods like no other line has over the last 365 days. While we do like to continue to look forward, we still must remember where we came from, and somehow this line has done that better than any other released this year.

With the release of NECA's Gremlins line, we only long for Blade Runner, Remo Williams, and Back To The Future action figure lines to fulfill our childhood wish lists.

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