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2012 In (Cool Toy) Review: Figure of the Year
Published by Rich on January 11, 2013 at 11:34 PM CST |

There were a countless number of incredible figures released in 2012. From any figure in the Avengers line by Hot Toys to Figma?s Link from Zelda, there were so many well-designed pieces to choose from when making the selection for our 2012 figure of the year. When it came down to it, there was one figure that we just couldn't stop talking about and that?s the reason we've selected NECA?s 1/4 scale Gollum figure as our 2012 action figure of the year.

The first thing you notice when you see NECA?s Gollum figure is how amazingly life-like it is. The character?s frail body, gaunt bone structure and tortured expression are perfectly captured in the figure. The sculpting and texture on the skin, and the rooted hair compliment the highly detailed paint applications, which include grimy fingernails, rotting teeth and age-ravaged, under-eye bags. The figure even includes veins on Gollum?s forehead! Gollum also includes a wide range of articulation, allowing for an endless number of posing options, including many poses that have proven difficult to achieve in other attempts at the character. Gollum is packed with detail.

What impresses us most about Gollum is NECA's ability to squeeze in such a vast amount of detail while keeping the figure?s price at $40! NECA?s Gollum has raised the expectations for craftsmanship in not only the 1/4 scale format, but in any collector-anchored line--the bang-for-your-buck is difficult to match and the variant Smeagol is a good counterpart for your display shelf. We?re sure if you add NECA?s 1/4 scale Gollum to your collection, he?ll quickly become your precious.

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