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G.I. Joe Con Floor Report: First Impressions
Posted by Curto on September 28, 2007 at 11:08 AM CST:
We're just getting started with our coverage of the Official 2007 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention in Atlanta, but here's a quick summary of what our field reporter Rich Alot has to say in his first report:

  • Waves 4 & 5 will be shown tomorrow, as well as the first wave for spring 2008.

  • Hasbro is aware of the problems with the 25th Anniversary figures not fitting into the existing vehicles. They've created a workaround for this with future releases by tweaking the figures a bit so they'll fit.

  • A prototype of Snow Job was on display, hinting that he'll be one of the future figures!
    UPDATE: First Look At Snow Job!

  • There will be a Christmas surprise this year: Hasbro will be re-releasing 7 out of 10 figures from the boxed sets onto individual cards. Baroness and Cobra Trooper are two that won't be, we're still awaiting word on the third. (UPDATE: It was announced to be the Cobra Air Trooper.)

    Stay tuned all weekend for more reports from Atlanta!

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