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G.I. Joe Con: Hasbro Marketing Presentation
Posted by Curto on September 29, 2007 at 09:05 AM CST:
We're just getting started with the Hasbro Marketing Presentation at the Official 2007 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention live in Atlanta! Here's the rundown for what's being announced to the fans in the audience.

The G.I. Joe Movie
  • Welcomes the crowd. Confirms the movie in summer of 2009 from Paramount.
  • Same team from Transformers will be doing G.I. Joe.
  • Director of the movie is Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing)
  • After some technical difficulties, showing a short clip with Stephen Sommers about the movie
  • Sometimes ideas are spread out to the fan community to judge the fans' reaction, specifically to see if the fans will like the direction.
  • Fully expect to see fans of all ages supporting G.I Joe for years to come. From talking to fans at the show, Hasbro sees what fans want to see from the movie, the toys, the comics, and more.

    Toys for Spring 2008
  • Some of the favorite figures from the long history of G.I. Joe among the Hasbro team are: the Crimson Guard, Snow Job, more Cobra troops, Scarlett (8" scale), and "Pimp Daddy" Destro.
  • The 25th Anniversary line are still coming out, because they are flying off the shelves.
  • Wave 4 was not originally planned, but fans demand for a re-release of the boxed sets warranted it. Also, the Cobra Airborne Trooper is coming carded.
  • Wave 1 2008 will be: Iron Grenadier (Blade) Destro, all-black Snake Eyes, Crimson Guard, Snow Job, & Flash.
  • In the future, the crotches will be tweaked so the figures can sit in the existing vehicles. If fans have requests for chanes to this line, ask. Hasbro will make the changes.
  • Comic Packs will be coming out! More details tomorrow, but some figures will be repaints done in the comic style. These will pay tribute to the history of the Joe comics from the past.
  • Some figures include: Scarlett & Hawk, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, Duke & Cobra Commander
  • Wave 2 teaser was Dreadnocks (although not officially announced, artwork was shown)
  • Ashley Wood & Greg Horn (comic book artists) will be doing some work for the comics.
  • Fan favorite figure was announced: Doc as a mailaway offer. Comes with stretcher, medical bag, and other accessories.

    Pre-Q&A Announcements
  • DTC wave 4 IS coming!
  • This spring, Target will carry 3 exclusive vehicles: Hiss Tank with driver, Night Spector with Grand Slam, Awe Strike with Crank Case
  • Toys "R" Us will be getting exclusives: Night Force Cobra Troopers multipack, Snake Eyes with 4 Red Ninjas. More to be announced.

    Questions & Answers
  • Tweaks on figures (so they'll fit in the vehicles) in wave 3 should be out by Christmas.
  • B.A.T.s are on the short list of figures to do, but not Snow Serpent.
  • International figures are a possibility. They are looking into them.
  • Most of the 25th Anniversary wave are a tribute to the 1980s figures.
  • The Fan favorite poll was done to help identify the most popular characters for future waves, since the line will now be continuing further than originally planned. Hasbro wants to identify the figures that have the most appeal and unique appearance.
  • Retailers are asking for more product, in more than one scale, which is good for the future of the line, especially with the upcoming movie.
  • "Cobra Tracking Beacon" in select packaging ideas.
  • The movie is being treated as a new franchise, like a cross between X-Men and Mission: Impossible, combining action with team adventures.
  • Movie toys will be in the 3?" scale. Too early to announce anything yet.
  • Hasbro is VERY open to fan input, and welcomes conversations from fans to find out what they want to see.
  • Distribution will increase as the movie gets closer to release.
  • A new animated series is being considered, once the movie is releaed and brings attention back to the brand.
  • Video games are in discussions, for both kids and adults. Partnership with EA, but since the plot is still unknown, too early for details. A lot of attention will be given to the brand as the movie gets closer.
  • Comic books will also continue, looking for a new publisher.
  • Green shirts are in consideration. Looking at which ones are best to do. Nothing planned yet.
  • Larry Hama obviously has a lot of knowledge on the brand, and Hasbro is looking to tap into that knowledge as much as possible.
  • 8" scale is considered part of their portfolio of products.
  • Alley Viper is a favorite character

    Roddy Piper makes an appearance
  • Special Hasbro presentation for Roddy Piper, a "Welcome to Cobra" figure. Considered to be an iconic 1980s character himself, Hasbro chose him to join the line, and Roddy wanted to be the opposite of Sgt. Slaughter's character. Roddy is also a big G.I. Joe fan himself, and he is honored to join the brand.

    Additional Information - Rich calls in with more details I missed.
  • Wal-Mart will also be releasing an exclusive this fall, although it was not announced.
  • The other Toys "R" Us exclusive will be a Senior Ranking Officer 3-pack, creating in the same style as the Star Wars Evolutions set.
  • Old Flag Points WILL be used in some fashion for a future mailaway.
  • There are plans for a fall 2008 mailaway, but it's too soon to reveal those now.
  • Zartan's face change effect will be activated by water.
  • Stalker will be released in 2 color schemes. The factory painted the outfit incorrectly, so it will be changed to be more accurate.
  • The plan is to update all of the original 13 figures from the 1980s line in the 25th Anniversary line.
  • There are no plans for more Tiger Force or Python Patrol toys.
  • The packaging for vehicles will be similar to the vintage look, but they will include window boxes instead.

    Photo Gallery
    As promised, here is the gallery of photos from the presentation.

    Stay tuned for photos of the presentation later today.

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