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G.I. Joe Con: Hasbro Q&A Session
Posted by Curto on September 30, 2007 at 10:02 AM CST:
We're just getting started with the Hasbro Q&A Session at the Official 2007 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention live in Atlanta! Hasbro loves to talk about G.I. Joe with the fans, and we're to share the fun with you as it happens!

Comic Packs Announcement
  • They're now showing the Dreadnocks (from Comic Packs wave 2). The two from the comic pack figures are Ripper and Torch, which will have new head sculpts.
  • They want to kick Comic Packs up a notch, and not just reissue older comics. So they are bringing back Larry Hama to write all-new comics starting with wave 3! Larry makes an appearance.
  • The comics will take place between the original comics. The new comics will continue throughout 2008.
  • They want to stay true to the original tales, with the same style of writing and characters as the original series.
  • Showing off several pages of the new comics by the artists from Conceptopolis.
  • Devil's Due is not producing the new comics, these books will not be available separate from the comic packs.

    Q&A Session
  • Store exclusives will only be available through the individual stores, not sold on
  • No plans to reprint the Marvel Comics trade paperbacks, although they've heard from many people that there'e a demand for those classic stories.
  • Feedback from fans is a factor for future toys and elements for the upcoming movie.
  • Hasbro and fans met Thursday night to talk about ideas and brainstorm for the future of the line. A lot of great ideas were discussed.
  • Billy and Dr. Venom maybe considered as future figures.
  • No plans right now for a Big Lob figure. Mostly focusing on the comics from the 80s...but anything is possible for the future.
  • They'll be working closely with Paramount to make sure the characters are true to their original roots. They bring up an example of a discussion to change Optimus Prime's colors that took place during the production of Transformers. A picture of Superman was held up and colored yellow..."would you do that? The look needs to stay true to the original appearance." So they are making sure this will happen.
  • No plans for any crossovers between G.I. Joe and Transformers (similar to the Star Wars Transformers). With the two movie properties, they want to keep them true to themselves.
  • There will be more than three waves of comics packs, but it's too early to reveal any details yet. The first wave is due in April.
  • The 25th Anniversary look will continue until next fall, and then the focus will shift towards the new movie.
  • It's too early to talk about Larry Hama's involvement with the upcoming movie. Let the check clear first.
  • No plans right now for accessory packs or Build-A-Figures.
  • Hasbro wants to appeal to both kid and adult collectors, which is why the decision was made to change the vehicle packaging. Elements of the vintage look will be incorporated, but it won't be an exact duplicate.
  • Large vehicles and playsets won't be made right now. Possibly when the movie is released, tapping into the momentum of the film.
  • There's nothing sacred that they won't try to release again. Looks at "Pimp Daddy" Destro (this year's Comic-Con exclusive) as an example.
  • Many of the same people from the media department that worked on Transformers are also working on the G.I. Joe movie.
  • When deciding on a wave, the team always tried to include a troop builder figure, and recognizable character, an obscure character, and they try to see what the fans are saying. Plus, they try to keep in mind figure molds that can be re-used down the line for other figures. They plan a year at a time, although changes can occur.
  • Will there be a Lady Jaye figure without the hat? Nothing specific mentioned, as Hasbro skillfully avoided the question.
  • There are constant engineering changes taking place during the production of the line, mostly based on what people are saying.
  • The new comic packs comics are independent of the Devil's Due series.
  • The original movie was storyboarded on yellow post-it notes on 8x10 sheets of paper in a hotel room. The screenplay was written in three days. The script wasn't done until halfway through the shooting was completed. Lots of battle sequences were shot, and the script was written around them.
  • The comic packs are focused on the figures, and the stories are written around them.
  • Any new figures will be released in realistic versions first, then considered for the Comic Pack repaints.

    Photo Gallery
    As promised, here is the gallery of photos from the panel.

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