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Hasbro's INDIANA JONES Q&A: The Answers!
Posted by Curto on September 26, 2008 at 07:25 PM CST:
As part of Hasbro's bi-weekly Star Wars Q&A session over at Rebelscum, we've been allowed to pass on 3 of your burning Indiana Jones questions! So check out the latest scoop we've got for you this session.

Cool Toy Review: Is the German Mechanic figure shown in the second Raiders of the Lost Ark wave scheduled for January going to include any accessories (wrench, removable hat and shirt etc...)?

Also, would it be possible to see a picture of the stands that will be included in this wave as well as Mola Ram without his head dress?

Hasbro: Right now, we are not going to be revealing any more details or information on this wave due to the likelihood that it will not make it out.

Cool Toy Review: What is your internal "doomsday date" to determine the future of the Indiana Jones line at retail? Or, what specific date in the coming months is the "point of no return" for Indy's future? Will there be enough time to "rescue" the line to produce and distribute post-Temple Of Doom/Wave 4 if the Indy line indeed starts to sell at a faster pace?

Hasbro: Right now, it's highly unlikely that the line will continue significantly beyond the holidays this year.

Cool Toy Review: Would you consider continuing the line as online exclusives with a higher per-figure price if it is not feasible to continue the line at stores like Wal-Mart and Target? In order to get figures like Oxley, Mac, Donovan, and Marcus collectors would be willing to pay more.

Hasbro: It would not be possible to continue the line in this manner, since the size of the IJ collector base is not enough to sustain development work and production volumes by itself.

Got any burning Indiana Jones questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!

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