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Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS Q&A: The Answers!
Posted by Curto on June 4, 2009 at 11:30 AM CST:

We've passed on 5 of your burning Transformers questions! So check out the latest scoop we've got for you this bi-monthly Q&A session with Hasbro.

Cool Toy Review: Universe/25th Superion and Bruticus vs Movie2 Superion and Bruticus- so are these going to see release stateside and if so in which line? We have seen pictures online of these sets in both packaging styles but the Universe/25th sets continue to pop up at online auction from Asian sources. Please, please, please can we get these released in the states in the 25th/Universe packaging?!?

Hasbro: You are correct that there are two different packaging treatments for Superion and Bruticus, both of which we feel look spectacular and help to romanticize the aura of combination play. However, Superion and Bruticus will only be sold in the Revenge of the Fallen packaging within the U.S.

Cool Toy Review: In the past, we have learned that Hasbro's Star Wars team's stance on re-releasing high demand exclusives was to wait until @ one year after the last available stock is sold to offer the exclusive again. Is this the Transformers team's rule as well? If so, can we please get the three 2007 Botcon seekers (Thundercracker, Thrust and Dirge) re-released in some form or another? I'm pretty sure the demand is there for these three. Maybe as a box set store exclusive or as a HTS exclusive Universe "Black Box" Special Edition wave 2? Even if some minor paint tweeks were done to differentiate them from the Botcon editions (like Classics Starscream vs Universe Starscream) I think a move like this would make a TON of Classics/Universe fans VERY happy. If it is Botcon agreement that is keeping this from happening, please ask the Star Wars team to Jedi mind trick the Botcon organizers to let this happen.

Hasbro: While we cannot speak to the Star Wars exclusives plan and strategy, we do not have any hard and fast rules when it comes to Transformers specific exclusives. Our goal, as with all of our product, is to create the best possible product that delivers upon the core essence of the brand. If this leads us down a path to re-imagine or simply re-release some of our classic characters we will certainly do what we need to do.

Cool Toy Review: Since the last wave of G1 robot heroes have been canceled (Victory Saber vs. Dessarus, Optimus Primal vs. Jetstorm, Prowl vs. Laserbeak, and Ricochet vs.Predaking) will we see these after the movie waves? Any chance these could be released online though hasbrotoyshop.com? I really think that these packs worked well for the 25th anniversary as they represented different parts of G1 and G1 continuity... it would be a shame not to see them this year.

Hasbro: We certainly agree that these Robot Heroes are a great representation of the different parts of the heritage for the brand. Unfortunately, there are no plans to release these items this year or in the near future.

Got any burning Transformers questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, send us an email or post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!

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