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Mattel Q&A Session: The Answers
Posted by Curto on January 14, 2009 at 05:11 PM CST:

As part of Mattel's bi-weekly Q&A session, Cool Toy Review passed on 3 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Cool Toy Review: Do Mattel plan to release She-Ra, Adora, Catra or any Princess of Power characters within the first years line up of MOTUC figuers (even one). Toyguru spoke about possible surprises in a recent Q&A on (if the line was selling well). Could a POP character be one of these surprises?

Mattel: We do have POP characters slotted in for MOTUC, but because the line went about 3 months late (originally He-Man was going to be released on Oct 2008 and Faker became the Feb figure further moving characters out) which meant all of the characters were bumped back a bit. But She-Ra fans can rest assured that we will have POP figures slotted in for early in 2010.

Cool Toy Review: Will Mattel use influences from the original Mattel POP style guide for MOTUC She-Ra and other MOTUC POP characters that WERE in the original Mattel POP toy line? (Particularly She-Ra and her style guide crown, due to the recent discovery of the Prototype She-Ra head on ebay, where She-Ra is wearing a style guide similar crown).

The style guide designs are arguably the most recognizable version of characters such as Adora, She-Ra & Catra (that the majority of fans desperately want)! A middle ground 50/50 classic toy & style guide design approach would seem to be a logical way forward. Hopefully Mattel are aware that the renowned MOTU & POP artist Emiliano Santalucia showed designs at SDCC this year using a mix of both the classic Mattel POP toys & style guide designs. I hope Mattel have seen these designs because they are out of this world (IMO)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mattel: We are aware of this style guide and are big fans of Emiliano?s work (he did all of the recent DVD covers for the 200X series). But for a variety of legal reasons, the deign influence for MOTU classic will remain updated versions of the early toys with today?s standards for detail, articulation and sculpting. One of the big influences in the Horsemen?s sculpting is the original package cross sell art and this does include style guides. One of the ideas behind the line is to give fans the toys Mattel couldn?t produce in the 80?s due to limitation in sculpting, paint and detail back then. Rest assured, when we get to doing She-Ra we will have fan interest in mind.

Cool Toy Review: In the JLU animated series the scale of the AMAZO character is so much taller than most other characters yet the figure is a standard figure size. Are we ever likely to see a true scaled Amazo (any version)? I understand there are a lot of other characters to get through first but a larger Amazo would be cool?

Mattel: It is true that Amazo as a show accurate figure should be a bit larger than a standard JLU figure but to do him this way would require a 100% new sculpt. Right now we are doing about three figures a year that have 100% sculpts at retail and we will consider an updated Amazo, but to be honest, there are a few other fan demanded characters that need 100% sculpts like Cheetah or Amanda Waller whom we want to get to first.

Cool Toy Review: First, I've got to say, I'm very impressed with the new pics that have surfaced of the Bozo Thug (Joker) and the Two-Face/Harvey Dent Movie Master figures (by the way will both Harvey and Two-Face be regular figures or will one be a chase?) that will be released in the spring. The line seems to be very popular.

Mattel: Harvey will be a chase version of Two-Face.

Cool Toy Review: So, on to my question. Can you tell me what my chances are of seeing a Ras Al Ghul Liam Neeson Movie Masters figure on the pegs in the future? I think he'd definately compliment the current Movie Masters figures. You've really out done yourselves, from the regular mediocre 5" Batman and Scarecrow from the 2005 to the 6" upgraded, detailed, Movie Masters Begins Batman and Scarecrow Four Horsemen sculpts. Will we get to see the same treatment with Ducard/Ras Al Ghul sometime soon (the 2005 figure really doesn't fit with the current line up)? He seems like the next logical figure to pursue to finish up the villians of your Movie Master Begins/Dark Knight line.

Mattel: A Ra?s figure would be a great addition to the Movie Masters line, but we don?t have anything to announce quite yet. Not out of the question through?

If you have questions for the team, please post them in our forums, and we'll pass them on for you.

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