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NYCC09: Mattel's DC Panel
Posted by Curto on February 8, 2009 at 08:30 AM CST:

Get ready for another round of updates from New York Comic Con! Up first is a gallery of Mattel's panel: DC Comics and Mattel: A Heroic Partnership.

There are a lot of lines are covered here, with some new announcements. One figure that was accidentally shown and quickly passed on was a DCUC Joker, which no matter how much the audience begged, Mattel would not talk further about. From the brief glimpse we did get, it looks great!
There was a Q&A session after the presentation, with plenty of tidbits thrown out for the fans.

Here are some of the announcements from the Q&A session:

  • Mattel has the license for DC Comics figures until 2012
  • There may be an exclusive multipack for this year's San Diego Comic Con
  • Some figures weren't meant to be shown yet that may have been added to the presentation by mistake. (Hint: this means the Joker!)
  • Swamp Thing is not currently available for the DC line(s), due to him being part of the Vertigo family of characters. Although there was a kids' toy line previously, the adult nature of the Vertigo titles prohibits him being part of the DC Universe. Apparently this status has changed a few times over the years, but currently he's off-limits.
  • Since the Milestone family of characters are now officially part of the DC Universe, it's a possibility they could be made into action figures. Static was specifically mentioned as a character fans would like to see.
  • Mattel is looking at bringing the Legion of Super Heroes into the DCUC line.
  • At some point, it's a safe bet that Owlman will be part of the JLU line.
  • A brown Man-Bat is scheduled for wave 10 of DCUC.
  • The Spectre is being considered for DCUC...perhaps even several of the incarnations he's undergone over the years. When asked which version fans want, they of course said all of them.
  • Hourman will eventually be included in the JLU line as a basic figures. To date, he's only been done in the 10" scale.
  • Mattel will not be re-releasing the Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure that was a limited edition exclusive. At least, not in that exact format, as the deal prohibits him being repackaged. They are trying to find a way to get the character out again, but in a different form.
  • It's possible we'll see Batman Beyond in the DCIH line. Probably not part of the 2009 "Crisis" series though.
  • It's possible that a new Darksied could be done in the DCUC line, perhaps as a C&C figure. Nothing to announced just yet, but they agree that it's a good candidate for a upgrade.
  • Mattel has plans for literally the entire DC Universe. Nearly everyone is under consideration (except for Vertigo characters, apparently.)
  • If (When?) Mattel gets around to making the Toyman, which version would they make? The old SUper Friends version or the Superman/JLU version? The audience seemed to favor both...not surprisingly.
  • Mattel has thought of creating a bigger C&C character spanning two waves of figures, but nothing to reveal yet, although there are some interesting choices for characters in that scale.
  • The DCIH bodies are going to see a new design. Animal Man (who was not in the presentation, but was on display in the booth afterwards) will be the first figure to use the new styling. There are also plans for female bodies updates.
  • Jason Todd is a potential candidate for an action figure, since he's now alive and well.
  • Mattel also talked to some extent about distribution. It is being addressed with stores to try and get them to carry more product. One of the reasons that MattyCollector.com was started was to provide another way for fans to get the toys they want.

    That's all folks!

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