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SDCC 2013: The Gentle Giant Ltd Booth
Published by D_Martin on July 17, 2013 at 09:29 PM CST |

Gentle Giant Ltd - July 17 - Preview Night


Gentle Giant is going 1/4 scale across the board! With the massive success of their Sucker Punch statues, they have moved forward with very cool 1/4 scale statue collections for Marvel and The Walking Dead as well as their awesome in-house Honey Trap collection.

From Iron Man 3, they had Igor and Iron Patriot on display as well as the Shanna the She-Devil and Giant-Size Man-Thing, both come with a victim.

For their Mini Bust collection they were displaying War Machine, Iron Patriot, Spider-Man, Spider-Ham (too, too, too cool), Galactus and the Marvel Zombies Magneto.

Lastly, the Mj?lnir Bookend was also displayed.

On display are 1/4 scale Michonne, Zombie Merle and Daryl. The michonne, which was a fully sculpted, non scanned piece may feature the pi?ata, but they are waiting for licensing approval. Daryl's Serape is removable, but considering how cool it looks, it would be a shame to not display it on.

They had the Governor, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes and a Zombie Mini Bust as well as Rick's Badge and Daryl's Ear Necklace prop replicas. Gentle Giant is the only company with a license to produce high end AMC Walking Dead products, ant they are taking the ball for a run!

They are continuing their Jumbo Kenner collection with a new addition that doesn't come from A Galaxy Far, Far Away... The Jumbo Kenner Alien is based on the 1979 Alien large size figure produced and released by Kenner in 1979. Since the original was 12-inches, the Gentle Giant figure will stand 24-inches.

Also on display were the rest of their SDCC exclusives and their Hobbit Mini Busts.

Follow this link to check out all the Star Wars collectibles on display.

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