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TF2010: Mattel Press Release - Radica
Posted by Curto on February 13, 2010 at 01:00 PM CST:

2010 Fact Sheet

In 2010, Radica:? builds on last year?s pop culture sensation, Mindflex?, a mental acuity game that allows players to use a combination of physical and mental coordination, to bring an all-new innovative line of affordable gadgets and youth electronics. Friends and families can enjoy a new series of entertaining electronic games that feature sports, social media and pop culture in a completely new and fun way.


What do dogs do all day while their owners are at work? With Puppy Tweets?, an electronic dog accessory, owners can now follow their dog?s everyday activities via Twitter?. Owners simply have to attach the Puppy Tweets? tag to their dog, connect the included USB receiver, download easy-to-use software then create a Twitter account for the dog. Puppy Tweets? captures the dog?s level of activity and barking and translates that to a humorous or poignant tweet that?s sure to make the owner smile. If Sparky?s hyper and running around the house, he might tweet, ?I finally caught that tail I've been chasing and?OOUUUCCHH!? Owners can follow furry friends via computer or smart phone. Puppy Tweets? works with PC and MAC and the Twitter? Web site.
ARP: $29.99 Age: Adults Available: Fall 2010

Sonic Slam? is the supercharged virtual game of tennis where players serve, smash and score their way to victory. With motion-based lights and sounds, these portable racquets keep players in the game anytime, anywhere. Using motion technology, Sonic Slam? recognizes both the speed of the players? swings and the distance between competitors for a realistic sporting experience across multiple game modes. Voiced game prompts, wacky sound effects and crazy trick shots provide a variety of fun ways for the whole family to play!
SRP: $34.99 Age: 7+ Available: July 2010

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