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The 411: Hasbro's 2008 Plans
Posted by D_Martin on December 16, 2007 at 04:39 AM CST:

For 2008, fans of Indiana Jones can expect Hasbro to have their backs. At the current time, we can tell you that they have broken down virtually on the product lines in this franchise into two waves. The first waves will, where applicable, focus on the debut film Raiders Of The Lost Ark and the second waves will be based on the characters from the upcoming film, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. After that time we?ll see products based on the other Indy stories as well.

Expect to see the first two waves of the following in February at Toy Fair:

3 3/4? Basic Figure Assortment
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

3 ?? Deluxe Figure Assortment
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

3 ?? Vehicle Assortment
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

Adventure Set
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

Adventure Heroes Assortment
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

12? Action figure Assortment
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

Titanium Series
Series 1: ROTLA
Series 2: TKOTCS

Beyond that, collectors can expect to see Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs, Die Cast Playsets, and of course, no modern day Hasbro collection is complete without our starchy friend, Taders Of The Lost Ark.

What are your thoughts on this? Head on over to the Indiana Jones Tread in the CTR Forums and let us know.

As anyone who has had the pleasure of speaking to the creative teams at Hasbro can tell you, they have certainly learned how to listen to what people have to say and they know when they are on the right track. They?ll prove the point again in 2008 by continuing their G.I. Joe line where the 25th Anniversary Collection left off.

At the current time, we can expect no less than 24 single carded 3 ?? action figures. In addition to the single carded assortments, we can expect to see the following:

3 ?? Comic Book Two Packs

There are 18 two packs planned for 2008, each of them will include a brand new comic written by Larry Hama.

3 ?? Battle Packs

This is planned to be a series of five four packs, each with a part of a five-issue self-contained comic book story. The sets will be broken up over three series. The first two waves will have towo sets each, and the third wave will have the final set in the series.

3 3/4? Vehicle Assortment

The first three waves of vehicles will be somewhat retooled updates of the classic vehicles from the original collection. In total we?ll see ten vehicles over the three waves.

12? Action Figures

A Real American Hero will once again be visiting the 1/6 scale action figure market with both a basic series and a deluxe assortment. Collectors can expect many of their favourite Joes and Cobras represented in this line.

What are your thoughts on this? Head on over to the G.I. Joe Treads in the CTR Forums and let us know.

At first it would seem that we?re getting the short end of the stick with Hasbro?s Marvel Legends collection, since we?re only seeing two waves (at least for now) in the 2008 line. That?s only 12 figures in total. Thing is, they will also be giving us a few new 6? lines to fill in the gaps. Collectors can expect to see:

Marvel Legends Two Packs
This line will initially se six different sets, each with a pile of interchangeable parts, such as heads and hands not to mention a bunch of accessories.

Spider-Man Heroes & Villains Assortments
There are plans to see 48 6? figures in this line, split evenly between the good guys and the bad guys.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Action Figure Assortment
No word yet on scale, but these 16 figures will be based on the new animated Spidey cartoon.

Iron Man Movie Basic Action Figure Assortment
So far we?ve seen five of the planned 16 figures in this series.

Hulk Action Figure Assortment
This summer Hasbro will be releasing two waves, each of four figures, based on the comic book characters in the Hulk realm, each with a build-a-figure piece of Fing Fan Foom.

Incredible Hulk Movie Action Figure Assortments
There will be 12 basic and another 6 deluxe figures based on the new film coming out in 2008. No word on how big these will be, but its safe to say they?ll fit in the 6? scale.

So, even with only two waves of Marvel Legends, Hasbro has no plans to let the Marvel Comics heroes disappear from the shelves. To support the figures, Hasbro will also be filling the old toy shelves with a lot of other related products. Collectors will find the following in 2008:

Marvel Legends Universe Action Figure Assortment
This collection will see the heroes represented in a new kid-friendly scale. Each 3 ?? figure will come packed with a top secret profile. There is a better than likely chance this will be an interactive game collection not unlike toy Biz?s Superhero Showdown. Right onw there are two waves of 6 figures planned for a 2008 release.

Marvel Legends Transformers
Well, there are 8 of these planned, and we guess some people might like them?

The Invincible Iron Man Figure
This 12? figure will feature snap-on armour, weapons, jet pack, and helmet.

Ultimate Electronic Hulk
This 12? tall Hulk figure will feature a Double-arm Smash Action, and surprisingly, lights (and sounds).

Repulsor-Power Iron Man
This figure will be the ultimate Iron Man figure with lights and sounds.

Spider-Man Roto Cast Assortment
This collection will have 7 10? Spider-Man roto cast figures.

Hulk Battle Roto Cast Figures
Roto cast figures based on the Hulk and the Abomination.

Spider-Man Ooze Attack Webworld Action Figure Assortment
This oozetastic series will start off with four figures.

Marvel Unleashed 360 Action Figure Assortment
Taking off where the Spider-Man assortment left off. There are currently 8 new figures planned.

Super Heros Squad
There will be 20 new two packs, 6 new Mega packs, 6 more Theme packs with 4 figures each, as well as SHS sets based on The Hulk and Iron Man.

Beyond all of this, there will also be 16 Marvel Mighty Muggs figures, a pile of repackaged Bump N? Go vehicles, Iron Man and Hulk role playing sets, and vehicle with figure sets for both new films.

What are your thoughts on this? Head on over to the Superhero Treads in the CTR Forums and let us know.

For their Transformers collection, Hasbro is putting a strong focus on the new Animated version of the characters, and we?ll see the following:

Transformers Animated Voyager Assortment
9 figures

Transformers Deluxe Animated Assortment
15 figures

Transformers Leader Assortment
3 figures

Transformers Animated Activators Assortment
8 spring-loaded quick transforming figures

Transformers Universe Deluxe Assortment
8 figures

Transformers Universe Ultra Assortment
4 figures

Transformers Universe Assortment
8 figures

Transformers Movie Screen Battles Assortment
4 figures with scaled human figures

Transformers Universe Robot Heroes Assortment
13 two packs

Transformers Allspark Battle Packs Assortment
8 two packs

Transformers Animated Battle Pack w/DVD

Roll Out & Command Optimus Prime
Optimus comes to life via automorph technology. This talking figure can automatically transform.

What are your thoughts on this? Head on over to the Transformers Treads in the CTR Forums and let us know.

Head over to Rebelscum for the Star Wars list.

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