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Toy Fair 2013: A Closer Look At NECA's 2013 Offerings
Published by D_Martin on February 17, 2013 at 11:42 PM CST |


The Chell figure, which includes a light up Portal Gun, is scheduled to be available by the end of the month. Following that release will be figures based on Atlas and P-Body this summer. Both figures will include light up features and their own Portal Guns, which will light up in different colors.


After the success of the RED Pyro and Demo Series 1 figures, NECA will be rereleasing them with BLU team decos in May. After that, Heavy and Soldier will be hitting shelves this summer along with a 1:1 scale Gravity Gun. It will feature two handles, two triggers, lights, sounds, and a built in kickstand for easy display-ability. It is expect to be offered at around $150-160.


With the Boys of Silence and Elizabeth figures and the 1:1 scale Sky-Hook on store shelves, collectors will want to keep space on their shelf for the heavy-hitting Motorized Patriot figure. Scheduled for a summer release, this robotic George Washington will come with a Pepper-Mill gatling gun and two flagpoles each dangling the flag of Columbia.


Even though the 7" line is going to continue, NECA is introducing a new 3 3/4" fully-articulated collection to the action figure aisle. The first two waves of single blister carded figures were on display in their show room and the first assortment will be ready to kick your G.I Joe and Star Wars action figures assets by the end of the month. Also on displayed was the 'Calling All Cars' Lancer, which is also affectionately known as the Taxi Lancer. It is expected to be out in March for the new game's release.


Currently there are two waves of 7" figures planned. The first, which will hit in June along with the film comes out will include Kick-Ass, Hitgirl, and the Mother F*cker (formerly the Red Mist). The second assortment, which is scheduled to hit around the BluRay release will feature another undisclosed version of Kick-Ass along with Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars & Stripes.


Finally your Freddy figures have the accessory you've always wanted. The Freddy Furnace will feature an opening door and a flickering LED light. Much to our chagrin, it will not include a Freddy Glove wrapped in an old oily rag.


Originally slotted for a spring release, the feature film's push has forced an August release date for both the pretty prom dress and the totally bloody prom dress versions of Carrie.


In an effort to keep the Kaiju (giant monsters) under wraps until the film is released, NECA could only show three of the Jaeger (giant robots) figures. On display were the Series 1 Gipsy Danger & Crimson Typhoon and Series 2 Striker Eureka figures.


NECA will be offering three scales of Lone Ranger awesomeness. First up will be 1/4 scale and 7" fully-articulated figures. These will begin hitting shelves around the time of the film's release. Closer to the BluRay release, 3 3/4" single carded and figure with horses boxed sets will be available. The figures included with Silver and Scout will feature all the same points of articulation as the single carded figures, but will have unique decos to differentiate them. The Horses will feature 30 points of articulation and come with clear stands to pose them up all crazy like.


Following the Captain America figure we first saw at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, NECA will be offering up an Iron Man figure. This figure will have every point of articulation you'd want and features four light up parts, each with their own switches. NECA has designed this figure in such a way that if it is successful they will be able to offer a battle damaged version with sculpted damage. If this line continues Iron Man will be followed up by Thor, and if they can get the price point right, collectors can expect a 2' tall partial rotocast Hulk by Christmas next year.


The new 1/4 scale Batman collection starts off with the Keaton (August) and West (July) Batmans. Each, in our eyes, looked stunning, but NECA isn't quite done with the West Batman just yet. Both Batman figures feature switch out hands and a pile of accessories. Sadly, no Shark Repellant for the '66 Batman. Their license allows them to do all eras of cinematic Batman characters, but we wouldn't hold our breath for Kilmer or Clooney Batman figures. (we doubt anyone is actually considering holding their breath for either of those figures though...). Not shown was the 1/4 scale Man Of Steel Superman (June). Each will be about $80 each.


With the release of two figures based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch character, NECA will be rereleasing a retooled version of their original Predator figure. you can expect to find them on store shelves very soon. Coming out in May, Series 9 will include a Water Emergence Predator with Trophy Skull, Jungle Disguise Dutch, and Jungle Encounter Dutch. For the 10th wave of figures, they are turning their eyes towards the vintage Kenner line by releasing three brightly colored figures based on Kenner's Nightstorm Predator, Lava Planet Predator, and Hive Wars Predator. Nightstorm features a removable mask, but it fits around the mandibles. Since the masks didn't practically work on the screen used Predator heads, it is impossible to make them work on toys, especially on 7" figures. This feature does add some of the Kenner playability to the NECA design however. To commorate Series 10, they will be hosting a contest that will give one eagle-eyed collector all thee figures signed before they are scheduled for release. Also, NECA is planning an exclusive limited edition Predator 2 Trophy Case diorama with huge skull trophy for collectors to display all their previously released and soon to be released trophies. All four previously released trophies should still be available at Toys "R" Us so check your local stores and online and get any you are missing while you still can. The only skull that might prove difficult to obtain is the Alien skull, which was released a couple of years back, but NECA is looking into including it with the Hive Predator in Series 10. This diorama will cost around $50, and is expected to hit in May. It is targeted for the specialty market, and will have a limited run, so make sure to talk to your favorite comic store or online retailer. It will be solicited once and made to order, so this will be a one time only piece. Don't miss out!

For the 1/4 scale line, next up is the Elder and Big Red Predators. The latter will commemorate the tenth anniversary for the Dead End. Stay tuned for more on this release and how it will fit into their San Diego Comic-Con plans.


The first two Marines, as you likely know, will be Pvt. Hudson and Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, which will both be available in single packs as well as two packs that will offer unique head sculpts, helmets, and battle ravaged Aliens. Beyond that, there will be a new single carded super articulated Alien and at hopefully one more Marine. The diorama on display will not be made available. Based on the new super articulated Aliens Alien, NECA is going back to Big Chap. Articulated ankles & feet, Bendy tail, ball-hinged (not ball-jointed like previous versions), and removable back pipes to put it in crawling positions. The back pipes were optional in the films and appeared and disappeared depending on what scene you are watching, so this feature will help you recreate most scene specific poses. As for Ripley, there is still no agreement with Sigourney Weaver, and NECA is reluctant to make the character without the likeness so we will have to wait patiently for hell to freeze over or for the actress to finally come to terms with the potential money bath licensing her likeness for the Alien franchise will buy. Added to that, Jenette Goldstein, the actress that portrayed Pvt. Vasquez doesn't care to make heaps of money, so there are no current plans for that figure (and if by now you haven't realized it, any hope of a complete Near Dark action figure collection is pretty much out the window too. Damn you Goldstein!)

All that aside, this fall we will be seeing a Queen Alien. It is being designed with a diorama in mind, but at the current time her egg sack and hive are not in production. Also interesting (and very, very cool) is the fact that Lance Henriksen's likeness is available, so we may yet get a Bishop figure.


With the second wave shipping, the focus is on Series 3, and we hope all the buyers that were in NECA's showroom were ordering it. If the line carries forward, the next wave will feature Infected Fifield and Elizabeth Shaw. Shaw will feature a removable helmet that fits over her hair, the axe from the deleted scene, and David's severed head. If the line continues to do well NECA will revisit this figure to give it an alternate head with the head gear she wore on her first trek out of the ship, but they don't plan on wasting any early spaces to do so. They are fully committed to this line and want to offer you a figure of ever single character, many of which are already sculpted, being sculpted, or about to be sculpted. Know what that means? The line will be as big as we allow it to be, so buy multiples!


ED-209 will be coming this summer. This deluxe figure will be perfectly in scale with the previously released Robocop figures. If Ed-209 does well, you may see a battle damaged version further down the pike. Expect Eddy to run you around $50. At the current time there is no plan for a Cane or a Jetpack Robocop. And, thankfully, there will be no 2013 Batman Robocop. NECA is still trying to get Peter Weller's likeness. They have already sculpted a Murphy head, which they assure us is awesome, so our fingers are crossed.


With the release of the ED-209 followed by the Alien Queen, there is a chance we will see the Spider Gremlin yet. NECA is banking on fan interest in the larger, $50 range companion figures and hope to find support for them on the retail shelf. That said, if you want these larger figures to continue to come, you don't ant to wait for them to hit discount!


The first figure to be released in this line will be based on Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith). After that we can expect to see one of their enemies and maybe a Cypher Raige (Will Smith) figure. This is the wish of the studio, so read into it as you will.


Following the Upcoming Bilbo 1/4 scale figure, NECA will start chipping away at the Dwarves. Over the long term, if the line continues to sell, they plan on revisiting The Lord Of The Rings as well. Think about Uruk Hai and Orks 1/4 scale figures. Something that lends itself to retool into alternate army-building baddies. NECA does not plan on reusing any Bilbo pieces on future Hobbits (if they get to them).

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