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Toy Fair 2013: The Funko Booth
Published by AnthonyP on February 10, 2013 at 07:54 PM CST |

Let?s start off with our favorite license, The Walking Dead. One of their biggest announcements at this year?s Toy Fair is The Walking Dead collectible blind box figures. In total, there will be twenty-four pieces per case and each vinyl figure will stand 2.5? tall. The first blind box assortment will consist of the following (with the ratio break-down):

Teddy Bear Walker (2/24)
Bicycle Girl (2/24)
Merle (2/24)
Daryl (2/24)
Tank Walker (2/24)
Prisoner Walker (1/24)
Deer Walker (2/24)
RV Walker (2/24)
Well Walker (2/24)
Glow RV Walker (1/72)
Glow Well Walker (1/72)
Blood Splatter Walker (2/24)
Bloody Merle (2/24)
Prison Guard Walker (1/144)
Bloody Daryl (1/144)

From the above case ratios, you can see that the Prison Guard Walker and Bloody Daryl figures will more than likely be the most sought after by collectors, but we say bring on the challenge!

Also on display were Funko Pop! The Walking Dead vinyl figure series two and three. In this second assortment, fan will be receiving:

Michonne Walker 1
Michonne Walker 2
Tank Zombie

And in the third assortment collectors will get:

Prison Yard Rick
Prison Guard Zombie

Now, moving on to DC Comics Mystery mini figures, which are scheduled to be released in April 2013, DC fans will be getting the below vinyl figures, which also stand 2.5? tall (ratio break-down included):

Penguin (1/18)
Riddler (1/18)
Batgirl arms bent version (1/18)
Batgirl arms spread version (1/24)
Batgirl one arm bent version (1/72)
Catwoman standing version (1/24)
Catwoman kneeling (1/144)
Retro Batman smiling with no teeth (1/18)
Retro Batman smiling with teeth (1/18)
Batman kneeling (1/144)
Justice League 52 Batman smiling (1/12)
Justice League 52 Batman mean face (1/18)
Justice League 52 Batman arms spread (1/72)
Retro Joker laughing eyes closed (1/18)
Retro Joker laughing eyes open (1/24)
Retro Joker smile with teeth (1/144)
The Dark Knight Joker arms spread (1/18)
The Dark Knight Joker arms folded (1/12)
The Dark Knight Joker crazy face (1/144)

These vinyl figures will be packaged in blind boxes at 24 pieces per case. Trade with friends to complete your collection!

Also on display were brand new DC batman Papercraft sets, which will be released in June 2013. These sets and figures allow you to build your own DC character or diorama with colored paper. Included inside the set on display are four characters; Alfred, Bruce Wayne, batman, and Joker along with one Batmobile, one Wayne Manor ? Batcave, and customizable stickers!

My Little Pony fans are in for a great treat this year. On display, were series one and two vinyl collectible My Little Pony figures. Series one, which will hit retail shelves April 25, 2013 will consist of Rainbow Dash and Derpy, while series two, which will see store shelves in June 2013 will contain Dr. Whooves and Fluttershy.

While we?re covering the girls? toys, let?s talk about the soft and cute Disney Pop! Plushies, which are scheduled to hit store shelves in April 2013. Funko?s first wave of plushies is to include the following:

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
Cinderella (Self-titled film Cinderella)

And finally, we'll leave you with some more super-awesome 2.5" blind-box vinyl figures. These Mystery mini figures will be hitting retail any day now and we'll be seeing:

Mickey Mouse
Winnie The Pooh
Monsters Inc. Mike
Monsters Inc. Sully
Jack Skellington

Be sure to be on the look-out for our photos of the Funko booth coming shortly!

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