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Toy Fair 2014: The DC Collectibles Display
Published by AnthonyP on February 17, 2014 at 10:49 PM CST |


DC Collectibles had a neat little Deadman plushie on display that was rather interesting. There are plans to extend the plushie line, but no other characters are mentioned at this time.

DC Bombshells

The DC Bombshells line of amazingly hot and detailed DC female heroes is doing very well and is a line that DC will continue to support for a while.

Catwoman on Motorcycle Statue

Standing out amongst the other items was the Catwoman on Motorcycle statue. This is one of DCC's most expensive statues, which will retail for $299.99. This statue took over two years to develop to get to the point of immaculacy. Look for this to hit store shelves during the Fall of 2014.

DC Collectibles Billiard Sticks, Poker Set, & Dart Set

DCC has teamed up with McDermott to deliver authentic billiards sticks with all of your favorite DC character logos!

Also set to be released is a neat poker set that will have unique poker chips and playing cards that feature the faces of DC comics characters. This set will retail for $100.00.

And finally, DC fans will also be seeing a super-neat Batman dart set that will retail for $200.

Bat Belt

Feel like cosplaying as Batman or simply want to be cool and wear a bat belt? ( I know I do). DCC will be releasing an awesome authentic bat belt that will fit a waist size of 34, however, the belt is not adjustable.

DC Scribblenaughts

The recently announced Scribblenaughts are off to a great start and are selling really well in the market. Who do you hope to see in this line ?

DCC Action Figures

Ever have to whip out your box cutter when opening all-plastic clamshells? Worry no more. DCC will be implementing a pull-back feature on the back of their clamshells, so it will be super-easy to open and re-seal your action figures.

Stay tuned for more 2014 Toy Fair coverage!

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