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What Didn't We See At NECA's Toy Fair Showroom?
Published by D_Martin on February 17, 2012 at 12:18 PM CST:

Missing In Action: The Toys NECA Didn't Show

-The Terminator line will pit your T-800 figures up against the film's supporting character Kyle Reese. Collectors can expect to see, at least at first, the 1984 version of Reese, complete with trench coat. If this version of Reese sells well we may see Future Reese at a later time. At this time there is no plan for totally 80's Sarah Connor. We fear they wouldn't be able to fit her hair into the clamshell...

-James Cameron's Aliens. We're going to get some humans to go up against the Aliens with the release of at least two Marines. You won't have to haunt eBay in search of an Alien when these Marines come out, as they are planned to ship with a new fully articulated Alien Warrior.

-First Blood Rambo. There are four films about vietnam vet John Rambo, and two of them are really good (the first and the last, naturally), so we're stoked to find out that the First Blood version of the classic Sylvester Stallone character will be produced. Question is, will we see multiple versions? In the film Rambo spends almost equal time in his army jacket as he does in his wifebeater and poncho. Time will tell.

-1987 Jungle Predator. This updated figure will feature better articulation and may be more film accurate (if you can believe).

-While no official announcements have been made about San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, there is a chance we'll see a Freddy Krueger figure in the mix...

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