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What's Next From Diamond Select Toys?
Published by Curto on February 14, 2012 at 09:38 AM CST:

During our meeting yesterday, Diamond Select Toys shared with us the entire release date schedule for 2012.

Knight Rider
1:15 KITT - July
1:15 Super Pursuit Mode KITT - July

Star Trek
Retro Cloth Picard - April
Retro Cloth Borg - April
Retro Cloth Mirror Kirk - TBD
Retro Cloth Mirror Spock - TBD
Enterprise Minimates Vehicle with Kirk & Scotty - TBD

Marvel Select Hulk - April
Marvel Select Iron Man Mark VI (re-issue) - April
Marvel Select Hawkeye - May
Marvel Select Mystery Foe - May
Marvel Minimates Wave 45 - May (Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Maria Hill/Mystery Foe#1, short-packed Mystery Foe#2/Mystery Foe #1)
Marvel Minimates Avengers Movie Wave (Toys R Us) - April (Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Hawkeye/Black Widow, Nick Fury/Loki)

Amazing Spider-Man
Marvel Select Spider-Man - June
Marvel Select Lizard - June
Spider-Man Statue - June
Spider-Man Bust - June
Spider-Man Unmasked Bust - June
Vigilante Spider-Man - June
Lizard Bust - June
Marvel Minimates Wave 46 - June (Spider-Man/Peter Parker, BD Spidey/Lizard, Uncle Ben/Police, short-packed Aunt May/Police)
Marvel Minimates Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wave (Toys R Us) - June (Spider-Man/Peter Parker, BD Spidey/Lizard, Curt Connors/Gwen Stacy, Vigilante Spider-Man/Capt. Stacy)

Marvel Select Green Goblin - February 22
Marvel Select Ultron - August
Marvel Select Storm - August
Marvel Select Nightcrawler - Winter
Marvel Minimates Wave 44 - April (Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Ant-Man I/Sentry, short-packed Ant-Man II/Sentry)
Marvel Minimates Wave 47 - (Rogue/Colossus, Longshot/Dazzler, Wolverine/Brood, short-packed Brood Wolverine/Brood)
Fear Itself The Worthy Box Set - June (The Serpent, Skaadi, Mokk, Angrir)
(Fear Itself The Mighty Box Set - June (Odin, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hawkeye)
Venom Through the Ages Box Set - TBD
(Venom, Flash Thompson Venom, She-Venom, Transformation Venom)
Hulk Through the Ages Box Set - TBD
(Compound Hulk, Moloid Hunter Hulk, Mr. Fixit & the Maestro)

MAX Elite
Wave 3 (Smokejumpers, Desert Soldiers, Arctic Mission, Night Ops) - TBD
Minimates Vehicles Wave 4 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) - TBD

Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders - TBD
Wave 2 - TBD (Jack's Quartermaster/Captain Kidd, Jack's Surgeon/William Moore, British Crewman & Skeleton Warrior, Port Royal Governor/UndeadCrewman)

The Walking Dead
Wave 1 - September
Wave 2 - November

Femme Fatales
Steampunk Lexi - April
Darkchylde - May
Raven Hex - May
Dawn - June
Bo Peep - June

Mad Monster Party
Wave 1 - September (Baron Von Frankenstein, Dracula, The Monster)

The Expendables
Series 1 - April
Series 2 - July
7" Action Figures - July
8" Cloth Costume Action Figure (NOT Retro Action) - TBD

Universal Monsters
Wave 3 (Toys R Us) - September (Metaluna Mutant, Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera with violin)
Wave 3 Select - September (Metaluna Mutant with Interociter, Phantom of the Opera (with organ)
Wave 4 - (Toys R Us) - September 2013 (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mole Person, Dr. Jekyll)
Wave 4 Select - September 2013 (Hunchback with Gargoyle, Mr. Hyde with Rooftop)
Minimates Wave 3 (Toys R Us) - September (Mummy/Sarcophagus, Quasimodo/Phoebus, Princess Anck Es En Amon/Henry Wipple, Mummy/Quasi B&W)
Minimates Series 3 Hunchback of Notre Dame Box Set - September (Quasimodo, Esmerelda, Phoebus, King of Fools Quasimodo)
Minimates Series 3 The Mummy - September (Mummy, Sarcophagus, Princess Anck Es En Amon, Helen Grosvenor)
Retro CLoth Series 3 - September (Bride, Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Vinyl Bust Bank - September (Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon)

Eddie & Marilyn Two-Pack - Summer
Series 2 - September (Racer Herman, Racer Grandpa, Lily w/Parasol)
Black-and-White Series 1 - TBD
Minimates Vehicles Series 4 Munsters Koach - July

Marvel vs. Capcom
Series 3 - April (Captain America/Ryu, Dr. Doom/Wesker, She-Hulk/Chun Li, X-23/Felicia)
Series 3 (Toys R Us) - April (Captain America/Ryu, Dr. Doom/Wesker, Thor/Amaterasu, MODOK/Akuma)

Street Fighter X Tekken
Series 1 - June (Ken/Steve, Sagat/King, Cammy/Nina, Poison/Lili)
Series 1 (Toys R Us) - June (Ken/Steve, Sagat/King, Zangief/Marduk, Guile/Raven)

Series 4 (Toys R Us) - March (Master Chief/Cortana, ODST Rookie/Spartan Hayabusa, Prophet of Mercy/Arbiter, Chieftain/Rtas Vadum)
Series 4 Box Set - Master Chief, Cortana, Prophet of Truth, Jacob Keyes)

Series 1 - October (Naya, Dalton)

Alice: Madness Returns
Series 1 - May (Alice, Card Guard, Cheshire Cat)
Alice (Hysteria Mode) - May
Alice (Royal Suit) - TBD

Tomb Raider

For all the Star Wars items, head over to this report at Rebelscum.

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