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Hasbro: PulseCon Reveals 2023

Nick September 22, 2023

This year, Pulse Con was all about the products and Hasbro delivered with tons of new products and announcements across fan-favorite brands such as TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, POWER RANGERS, Star Wars, Marvel, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and the latest collaboration between MAGIC: THE GATHERING and NERF! Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Spring 2024 Previews

Nick September 22, 2023

Itís almost October, which means itís time for the October Previews catalog to unleash its pre-order goodness on an unsuspecting public! This month, there are a variety of items from Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD, including more AEW Minimates, a new Indiana Jones statue, their first Rebel Moon action figures, a new Matrix diorama, new Pacific Rim action figures, and the usual goodies from Marvel and Star Wars! Full Report

Hasbro: Transformers Legacy Evolution Jazz Review

Nick September 21, 2023

Bobby continues our look at the Toxitron line from Walmart with the hippest of Transformers...Jazz! Full Report

Factory Entertainment: James Bond Ejector Seat Prop

Nick September 20, 2023

One of the many striking features of the Aston Martin DB5 featured in GOLDFINGER is the ejector seat; activated by a button concealed inside the gearshift knob. And now you are one step closer to having your own ejector seat. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Marvel Select Iceman Review

Nick September 19, 2023

Some may argue he's the coolest X-Man. See what I did there? Check out the latest to join the Marvel Select line. Full Report

Sideshow: Premium Format Figure

Nick September 15, 2023

Inspired by this iconic tale set in an alternate reality, the Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Premium Formatô Figure by Sideshow captures the storyís dark and foreboding atmosphere. Full Report

Hasbro: Transformers Legacy Evolution Cloudcover Review

Nick September 14, 2023

Bobby is back and he's keeping it Transformers and keeping it classy. Starting a series of review from the Walmart Exclusive Toxitron line, check out Cloudcover. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: In Stores Now - 13 September

Nick September 13, 2023

Itís Wednesday, which means itís time for a new delivery of toys to your local toy or comic shop! This week, Diamond Select Toys delivers five great new action figures and an all-new Gallery Diorama to stores, from Cobra Kai, Invincible and Lord of the Rings! Full Report

Hasbro: Pulse Con 2023 Details

Nick September 12, 2023

Hasbro Pulse Con is back again this year! Co-hosted by Dan Larson and Thew Adams, the pop culture celebration returns September 22nd with programming centered on fan-favorite brands including TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, POWER RANGERS, and MAGIC: THE GATHERING, along with premier collaboration brands, including Star Warsô and Marvel from The Walt Disney Company. Full Report

Super7: TMNT Ultimates! Shredder and Krang Review

Nick September 12, 2023

Management is here! In today's Turtle Talk we check out the Shredder and Krang Ultimates! Two bosses who take casual Friday a little too seriously. Full Report



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