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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Classics
San Diego Comic-Con 2009: Convention Exclusive

Comments: Given the sword of He by the Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla, Ro was told to "go forth and combat evil." During one such epic battle, he was infected by a techno-organic virus by Horde Supreme and sent through a vortex to the magic planet of Eternia. Once there, he was healed by Eldor in a mystical pool which absorbed his virus. In gratitude, He-Ro swore to help free Eternia from the Snake Men and Horde Invaders. He defended the free people alongside the great King Grayskull, eventually bequeathing his sword to the King upon his heroic death.

Source: Masters of the Universe

Collection: 1

Year: 2009

Number: N8523

Assortment: Action Figures

Retail: $20.00

UPC Number:
0 27084 70799 1

  • Removable Armor
  • Power Sword
  • Magic Staff
  • Purple Spell of Healing Stone
  • Green Spell of Protection Stone (Variant)
  • Red Spell of Defense Stone (Variant)

  • Notes:
  • This figure of He-Ro will be available at San Diego Comic-Con at the Mattel booth.

  • He-Ro will also go on sale on on August 3rd, 2009.

  • There are 3 variant Spell Stones included with He-Ro: green, red or purple. The only way to find out which one is included is to open up the figure

  • The SDCC version will also include a special SDCC logo underneath the chest armor.

  • So there are 6 possible variants of He-Ro!

    Photography by Dan Curto
    & D. Martin Myatt

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