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Mezco Toyz: The Batman One:12 Collective

Nick March 10, 2022

Justice joins the One:12 collective as The Batman arrives. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: Snake Eyes One:12 Collective

Nick March 2, 2022

Enter Snake Eyes, the mysterious, highly classified commando and latest addition to the One:12 Collective! Full Report

Mezco Toyz: Godzilla vs Hedorah (5 Points)

Nick February 3, 2022

Godzilla comes to aid humankind in the fight against Hedorah, a microscopic alien life-form that is feeding on Earth’s pollution! This monstrous boxed set contains Godzilla, Hedorah in both Final and Flying Form, display bases, and replica buildings to create multiple display options! Full Report

Mezco Toyz: Alien Xenomorph Concept Edition

Nick December 28, 2021

Based on the originally intended design for the Alien suit by H.R. Giger, that was never used in the final film due to insurmountable technical challenges, this pale, translucent Xenomorph is a limited edition and never to be produced again by Mezco. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: One:12 Red Pyramid Thing (Silent Hill 2)

Nick December 27, 2021

The gruesome headsman, Red Pyramid Thing, slashes his way through the One:12 Collective! Full Report

Cool Toy Review Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Nick November 12, 2021

It's that time of year again, and we have a great selection of gift ideas from all sorts of wonderful products we saw this year. Check out our wonderful assortment of gift ideas for that special collector in your life. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: One:12 Michael Myers (Halloween II)

Nick October 28, 2021

The One:12 Collective Michael Myers figure wears weathered coveralls with six bullet holes after his doctor, Sam Loomis, fails to stop him. Michael comes complete with three head portraits, including a ‘blood tears’ portrait. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear Box Set

Nick October 21, 2021

5 Points present – Mezco’s Monsters, inspired by the classic monsters of yesteryear. Bats, brains, and bones - this hair-raising deluxe boxed set has it all and more! Mezco’s Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe Boxed Set contains 5 figures, a range of accessories, and a multi-level environment diorama. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: LDD Halloween III Trick-or-Treaters Boxed Set

Nick October 13, 2021

Based on their appearance in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, this boxed set features the three trick-or-treaters seen in the film – the witch, the skeleton, and the jack-o-lantern. Each trick-or-treater features an all-new head sculpt of their respective Silver Shamrock mask, and each comes with a trick-or-treat bag that they can hold in their right hand. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: Mezco Con 2021 Fall Edition Day 1 and 2 Recap

Nick October 4, 2021

Lots of new reveals at Mezco Con 2021 Fall lineup. Check out our photo galleries. Full Report

Mezco Toyz: One:12 Collective Spider-Man 2099

Nick September 22, 2021

Spider-Man 2099 swings into the One:12 Collective! Full Report

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