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Hasbro: Marvel Universe Fans' Choice
Posted by Curto on March 5, 2009 at 07:00 AM CST:

Making the announcement during last weekend's New York Comic Con, Hasbro is kicking off the Marvel Universe line with a chance for collectors to have a say in which figures will be included in the line!

Since it's Marvel's 70th anniversary, the voting will feature 70 Marvel characters from the past and the present (and the future!) that fans can vote for, starting February 11th and running until March 5th. The top 5 vote-getters will be made into action figures in 2010. They be mixed into the line over time, not an individual wave on its own, but the packaging will be specially marked to showcase each figure's status as a "Fan's Choice".

But if you're not quite sure who all of the characters are, here's a handy helpful guide to each and every character that is up for consideration.

One of the founding members of the X-Men, the "Avenging Angel" has been a member of the X-Men, the Champions, the Defenders, and X-Factor before he was severely injured during the Mutant Massacre. Shortly afterwards, he seemingly died, but was reborn as Apocalypse's metal-winged angel of Death. For years he remained an X-Man as Archangel, until his original wings grew back. While there have been a number of Archangel figures over the years, none have ever featured him with his original golden skull mask. If Hasbro added that as a removable helmet or (better yet) an alternate head, that would be pun intended.

One of the original members of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, Aurora has the ability to fly, generate blinding light, and would make a great addition to the line...but perhaps she would be best packaged as a 2-pack with her brother Northstar, who is also on this list.

Baron Von Strucker
One of the leading agents of Hydra, Baron Strucker would make for a great nemesis to face off against Nick Fury, Captain America, or anyone who battles that evil organization.

If you want to add some French fun to the line, Batroc the Leaper is the way to go. His whole schtick is that he jumps around and kicks his enemies, most notably Captain America.

Now THIS is the Beast! Not the moping feline mutant we have these days, or the mad scientist X-Man from the, this is the fun-loving devil-may-care bombastic Beast from the old Avengers team!

We've had a running joke in our Q&A sessions about this character, which is no doubt why he's included in the list. Of course, since he is responsible for the original Secret Wars story, which spawned Marvel's very first action figure line in the 1980s...well, he's got that going for him. But no leisure suit.

Once upon a time, Ms. Marvel lost her powers after being attacked by the mutant Rogue. Then she was experimented on by the alien Brood, who unleashed even more power, turning her into Binary. She would travel the galaxy alongside the Starjammers for a time, but she has recently returned to Earth and reclaimed the Ms. Marvel identity. Since we're already getting both of her Ms. Marvel costumes, why not complete her history?

This former member of the Thunderbolts has ice powers, so he could include whatever accessories are planned for Iceman...

Brother Voodoo
Long considered to be one of the lamest characters in the Marvel Universe, now is your chance to make Fred Hembeck proud!

A founding member of both the New Mutants and X-Force, this former X-Man could pave the way for a new wave of New Mutants figures! Add in a special blast effect, and we'd be all set!

Captain Britain
While there have been a few Captain Britain figures before, this would be based on his original costume, which is still somewhat unique and would make for an interesting figure.

Captain Marvel
Wait, isn't this guy called Marvel Boy? So he's stealing the name, eh? As part of the Dark Avengers, it's likely he'd be made at some point anyway...and copyrighting the name is always a good thing.

While it would be great to see Cloak made into an action figure again, it wouldn't make sense if he were sold separately, would it? He should be released as a 2-pack with Dagger...

A mercenary, this guy has got expanding coils that shoot from his arms, wrapping up his opponents and then electrifying them! How cool is that?

A member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, Crystal has had a long history with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. She was married to Quicksilver and has a daughter named Luna. Here she is shown in her classic outfit.

The second (better?) half of the vigilante team of runaways, Dagger has had several misadventures (mutant and otherwise) over the years. But as stated above in the comments for Cloak, she should be part of a 2-pack.

It's the disco-era Dazzler! Complete with silver sparkly outfit, roller skates and a microphone!

A member of the original X-Force team and a longtime confidant to Cable, the woman known as Domino would make a great figure, complete her own personal arsenal of weapons.

If you are into the mystic arts, then you'll need a villain to face off against. Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, and he's faced off against Doctor Strange many times over the years. I think he qualifies...

There have been several incarnations of Drax the Destroyer over the years, but this is the original outfit from Marvel's cosmic tales era. A personal favorite from the old Infinity Watch team, Drax is an artificial being that is often in the midst of intergalactic skirmishes. While this normal-sized version would be cool, the bigger and buffer musclebound strongman would be even better!

This mysterious man in white has ties to Wolverine's past and has worked alongside (and against) the X-Men.

A former herald of Galactus, Firelord is another cosmic powered character that has appeared in many of Marvel's titles, facing off against the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Silver Surfer, and even Spider-Man!

From the pages of the X-Men, it's the "Superman" of the Shi'Ar galaxy. He's got a colorful outfit and a unique look to him, which can translate into a great toy.

Grim Reaper
A longtime Avengers nemesis, the Grim Reaper is the brother of Wonder Man. He's got a scythe for a hand, which is a lot of fun right there.

Gwen Stacy
One of Peter Parker's longtime love interests, Gwen Stacy was killed in a classic confrontation with the Green Goblin. Perhaps not the most exciting female figure, but she could be the basis of other females in the line (see Mary Jane and the Stepford Cuckoos below).

The most often-overlooked member of the X-Men. If a Havok figure is produced, it would be great if Hasbro actually released him. (Kudos to old school collectors who get this reference...)

The goddess of death who has run afoul of Thor on many occasions, Hela would be a fun figure...her cape/headdress alone could fill up the entire bubble!

A part-time Avenger and former Defender, Patsy Walker once married the Son of Satan! Would you really not buy her?

Hellfire Club Soldier
This is a great figure to include in the line, because of its army-building status. Line them up for a showdown against Wolverine, and you can almost hear the phrase..."Now it's MY turn!"

Supposedly, this guy is destined to become the new Kingpin of Crime. While the jury is still out on how that will work for him, the character is really all about the hood itself, so the body is just normal clothing....which could be re-used for some civilian-type figures in the future.

Another "Superman" character, this version may not be the best choice, due to the (former) adult nature of the title. Perhaps the classic Squadron Supreme version would be better?

Iron Man 2020
Awesome choice....but a no-brainer, as we're sure to get multiple Iron Men figures in the line anyway...LOVE the Death's Head accessory in the image!

This awesome android has been a member of the Avengers, and she's been romantically linked to Machine Man. Ah machine love.....

Another member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, Karnak would be a nice addition, especially since he was overlooked the last time the Inhumans were made as action figures.

Lady Bullseye
There's not much to say about this relatively new character, other than she'd make for an interesting addition to the line, as Hasbro has plans to tie into the current comic book stories as well as past classics.

The ruler of the SHi'Ar empire (this week, anyway) and former love interest to Professor Xavier, Lilandra would make for a great long-overdue addition to any toy line. She was a contender in the last Hasbro Fan's Choice poll, as well.

Luke Cage
Another character that is a no-brainer. As leader of the New Avengers, it seems likely that there would be a figure of him at some point anyway...although a classic Power Man & Iron Fist 2-pack would be nice. Sweet Christmas!

Madame Hydra
Viper. Former partner of Silver Samurai. Former wife of Wolverine. With strong ties all across the Marvel Universe, Madame Hydra would be a great figure.

Another member of the New Mutants, Magik was magically aged, then de-aged, then killed, then reborn, then....ah who can keep track? She's the ruler of limbo, and her New Mutants-costumed body could be re-used for other members of the team. Nice.

Mary Jane
If done right, this figure could be very similar to Gwen Stacy (see above), so we could get both characters! The (former) wife of Spider-Man is in many ways Spidey's support system, so she deserves a spot in everyone's collection.

Another member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans (maybe Hasbro should just start making them anyway?), Medusa has the ability to control her hair and use it to lift objects, ensnare enemies and look fabulous doing so. She is the queen of the hidden race, married to Black Bolt.

A member of the New X-Men, this young shapeshifter with the liquid metal skin would be an interesting choice, opening up the doors to a young teenage-style figure.

A former member of the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts, Moonstone is already coming out in the line (sort of), but seeing her in her Thunderbolts uniform would make for a nice addition.

Multiple Man
The leader of the current X-Factor team, Multiple Man would be a good choice for inclusion. Not only would he expose the world to a great title, but he's another potential "army builder" figure! He's not called "Multiple Man" for nothing!

This sneaky shapeshifter has ties to several members of the X-Men, even serving as a member of the team for a short stint. A great villainess who would be most welcome in the line.

It's surprising that we've never gotten a figure of Nighthawk before! As a longtime member of the Defenders, Nighthawk is basically the "Batman" of the Marvel Universe, only without the gadgets, sidekicks, cool vehicles, great enemies....hmmm, maybe it's not so surprising after all.

Another member of Alpha Flight, Northstar has also served with the X-Men until his death at Wolverine's claws....and even afterwards. (Who in the X-Men HASN'T died and been reborn?) As mentioned above with Aurora, a 2-pack might be a better slot for this character.

Phantom Rider
One of Marvel's classic western heroes in the superhero line? It might not make sense at first, but seeing as the Phantom Rider has faced off against the West Coast Avengers and partially inspired Ghost Rider, maybe it does...

Another longtime member of the X-Men, as well as X-Factor, Polaris would be a great female hero, especially in her original outfit.

Psylocke (X-Men Uniform)
Another female X-Man? It seems likely that Psylocke would be made at some point, but in her Jim Lee X-Men uniform? Possibly not. Plus, this uniform could also be used for other X-Women (see Storm, below).

The Protector of the Universe would be another great figure to add to the lineup, as he's pretty much the "Green Lantern" of Marvel. He's able to use his quantum bands to create energy objects, so he could come with some fun accessories.

Red Guardian
The Russian version of Captain America. 'nuff said.

The medicine man from Alpha Flight, Shaman was able to reach into his medicine bag and pull out various magical objects that he could use to fight the forces of evil. Lots of potentially cool accessories there...

Silver Sable
This would be a great figure! A female spy armed to the teeth! What's not to like? For a time, she also ran the Wild Pack, with was a team of super powered agents that hunted down war criminals.

ANOTHER member of Alpha Flight? Snowbird had the ability to change shape into animals, which would be great accessories...or if they ever made a Sasquatch figure again. (hint!)

Speed Demon
The "Flash" of the Marvel Universe, Speed Demon is a villain that runs really fast. His costume is cool (if you like that whole Nexus look), and he would make an interesting choice should he race his way to the top of the poll.

Spider-Man (Paper Bag disguise)
Um, yeah....when Spider-Man got rid of the symbiote (Venom fans, take note!), he needed to get home from Fantastic Four headquarters. So he borrowed one of the Torch's outfits and wore a paper bag over his face. A goofy one-time "costume" that has clearly stuck with some faithful readers.

Spider-Man (Captain Universe)
There is an entity in the Marvel Universe that grants its host cosmic powers. Spider-Man, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, heck even I have been Captain Universe at one this is Spidey while he was possessed by the Captain Universe power. But c''s Spider-Man. There WILL be multiple Spider-Man figures. Vote accordingly?

Remember the old cartoon "The Ant and the Aardvark"? The aardvark used "instant hole" to try and trap the ant, but it never worked out right for him. Well, the Spot has the powers of "instant hole" to travel in and out of our dimension. Which is a cool power, but boy, does he have a lame costume...

From the depths of outer space comes a member of the new Guardians of the Galaxy...the Starlord! In his all-new uniform, this would be a fantastic figure....of course, fans are sure to want the rest of the Guardians team! In fact, how about the ORIGINAL Guardians? (Guardians fans...UNITE!)

Stepford Cuckoos
The new psychics from the New X-Men team, they've honed their powers into a single force for least we hope it's for good! As mentioned above, this body could be re-used for several female figures. Plus, these are sort of army-builder figures?

Storm (X-Men Uniform)
Much like Psylocke above, this Jim Lee-designed uniform is always a welcomed addition to any toy line. Plus, the body could be used for other female teammates.

Speaking of the X-Men, here's one of their first fallen members: the mutant tracker Thunderbird. Although he didn't survive past the first mission, his legacy lives on through his younger brother, who is now known as Warpath.

Tiger Shark
A longtime nemesis of the Sub-Mariner, Tiger Shark was a professional swimmer before he was transformed into the killer he is today. His unique costume would look great as an action figure, so he's definitely one to keep in mind.

Vance Astro
For some time now, discussions with Hasbro over the possible future of this line have included the classic Guardians of the Galaxy team. While it's become a running gag (wouldn't they be great to see as toys?!), there's no small amount of pride now to see Vance Astro included in the official list of potential figures. If you don't know, Vance is basically the future Captain America, although his younger self (as both Marvel Boy and Justice) has been a member of the New Warriors and the Avengers, so he's got some great credentials.

Okay, here's a thought....why not remove all of these Alpha Flight team members from the list and just make them all? Sheesh! Vindicator is the wife of Guardian, the team leader who was killed in action. She donned his uniform to honor him and also to lead the team to greatness. Or as it turns out, cancellation...

White Tiger
Another Daredevil female spin-off character? Sure why not? The more, the merrier!

Winter Soldier
This one is a bit of a surprise....there's a lot of love for the Winter Soldier over at Hasbro, so it's curious to see him listed here. However, since the former Bucky is now the new Captain America...and we're SURE to see him at some point...perhaps that would explain it.

Wonder Man
Wonder Man has never been the best at picking costumes, although this classic Kirby design is still cool. It's not as iconic as some of his otehr looks, but there's something to be said about the original...

The female clone of Wolverine, now a member of X-Force. She originally started out on the X-Men Evolution animated series, and then joined the X-Men for a period of time. Although she has had several costumes, this one she wore most often.

Well, there you have it....a full rundown of the 70 characters up for consideration in the Marvel Universe line for 2010! Now that you know who they all are.....head on over to Hasbro, and vote today!

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