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TF2010: Fisher Price Core Press Release
Posted by Curto on February 13, 2010 at 07:11 AM CST:

2010 Fisher-Price? Highlights


iXL is a child?s portable window to a whole new world of learning and entertainment, with 6 great applications: Story Book, Game Player, Note Book, Art Studio, Music Player and Photo Album. Story Book ? features 1 animated story with 15 pages and 2 modes: read to me mode (words highlight while story animates) and interact with me mode (child can press key words and learn more about them). Kids will learn reading for meaning, comprehension, key words and spelling. Game Player ? preloaded with 1 classic arcade-style game, which has 3 levels and teaches numbers, sequencing and counting. Music Player ? preloaded with 1 learning song and is compatible with MP3 and WMA file formats. Art Studio ? includes stampers, backgrounds, bucket fills, colors, pen styles, erase button and it has background music so kids can listen to their favorite songs while they create their masterpieces. Note Book ? enables kids to trace uppercase letters and numbers 1-20. Photo Album ? preloaded with 3 sample images. Kids can transfer additional photos from their computer and they can even draw on their photo images to customize them! Kids can customize their login name for personalized play ? they can see their name appear in the story and elsewhere. iXL is PC and MAC compatible, features an SD card slot for expanded memory and comes with a USB cord to connect to the computer. A CD with media management software even enables users to add their own photos and songs (MP3s and WMAs)! Also, iXL can store multiple software titles, songs, and pictures - NO CARTRIDGES NEEDED! Licensed software will be available ($24.99 each/sold separately): Ni-Hao Kai Lan, Disney Princess, Handy Manny, BatmanTM, Toy StoryTM and SCOOBY-DOO!TM software CDs available June 2010; Shrek? and SpongeBob SquarePantsTM software CDs available Sept. 2010. Comes in 3 great colors ? pink, blue and silver. Requires 4 ?AA? batteries, not included.
$79.99 3-6 yrs June 2010


Imaginext? BIGFOOT The Monster:
Kids will be the coolest ? and most feared ? in the neighborhood with BIGFOOT, a remote controlled monster with lots of personality! The remote control has a directional button and seven feature buttons. The directional button enables BIGFOOT to walk forward and backwards and the seven feature buttons can make him happy, angry, sleep, throw a ball, exercise and even do a back flip! Press the happy button to hear him laugh, press the angry button to hear him roar and watch him pound his fists or raise his arms above his head and shake his fists. The sleep button makes him go to sleep and features fun sounds like snoring! Don't forget the fun button for a variety of sounds and words! The exercise button makes BIGFOOT work out. Watch him pretend to "lift weights" as he makes fun sound effects. Press the ball button and hear him say things like "play" and watch him throw the ball. BIGFOOT also features two interactive buttons on his body: belly and mouth. Press the button on his belly and hear him laugh and the button in his mouth makes him chew and burp! All buttons both on BIGFOOT and on the remote control feature different sounds/speech if they are held down. Includes BIGFOOT The Monster, remote control, ball, leaf, and rechargeable battery. Requires 2 ?AA? batteries for the remote control, not included.
$99.99 3-8 yrs June 2010

Little People? WheeliesTM Stand n? PlayTM Rampway:
The new Wheelies Stand ?n Play Rampway introduces toddlers and preschoolers to new Little People vehicles - perfectly sized for them - in a ramp-filled town with tons of performance-packed vehicle fun! The playset is over two feet tall, anchored by two rolling ramps with places to play on both sides and plenty of twists, turns and tunnels all the way down! Stop at the repair shop for a tune-up, load vehicles onto lift and raise up and down for mechanical cranking sound effects. Send cars through the flipper sign that spins around when vehicles hit it. Park at the meters to visit the shops or head to the drive-through restaurant. Bottom level has parking garage with movable gate that automatically lifts as vehicle passes by and gas pump with rotating hose activating fun sound effects. Adjoining lift ?n lower stop sign activates lights and more car action sound effects as vehicles zoom by. Push gate down for red stop light and lift gate for flashing lights. Load cars onto the clicking elevator to send them to the top all over again. Comes with two new Little People Wheelies mini-vehicles (sports car & racer), perfectly sized for little hands, with a familiar Little People character built right in. Also includes a DVD with a brand new, action-packed animated episode featuring Little People Wheelies! Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, not included.
$39.99 1?-5 yrs June 2010\

Lil? ZoomersTM Spinnin? Sounds SpeedwayTM: Ready, set, spin! The Spinnin? Sounds Speedway is full of surprises for baby. Special race cars have a roller ball feature and make fun rattle sounds when shaken. Baby can roll the cars down the race ramp and into the light-up spinning disc. The cars will race around the speedway until the spinning action spills each vehicle onto the exit ramp. The Spinnin? Sounds Speedway has zooming raceway sounds and music, six flashing lights, and fun musical ditties. This action-packed speedway comes with two roller-ball rattle cars. Requires 4 ?C? batteries, not included.
$29.99 6-36 mos June 2010

Imaginext? Sky RacersTM Carrier:
The Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier includes an aircraft carrier playset, two figures, two planes, two helmets, flags and seven projectiles. Each plane represents a different racing team. The red plane is themed like an animal and represents the ?Sky Predators.? The blue plane is weather themed and represents the "Storm Rangers." Boys can use the Sky Racers Carrier to race their planes and collect the projectiles that are shot into the "water." Pull the lever to rapid fire the five buoys into the "water!" The carrier has multiple feature points including two activation disks. Turn one disk to expand the runway and turn the other disk to activate the plane elevator. Push the disk on the carrier to fire two buoys into the "water." The carrier also includes a door that opens and closes, an anchor, a crane arm and an elevator that goes up and down for the figures. No batteries required.
$44.99 3-8 yrs June 2010

Imaginext? Space Shuttle:
The Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower will take kids on endless adventures. It features a tower, shuttle, two figures, two helmets, ray gun, alien, satellite dish and console. The shuttle has lights and sounds and a cockpit that opens and closes. Turn a disk to extend the solar panels and turn another disk to open the shuttle doors. Use the elevator to bring the figure to the shuttle cockpit and turn the activation disk to rotate the stairs. Use the boom arm to fly the shuttle in "space" or remove it and attach it to the tower. Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, included.
$39.99 3-8 yrs June 2010

Imaginext? The Joker?s Fun House: The Imaginext Joker's Fun House is sure to create exciting play! Includes a Joker figure, hammer car, and sound effects. It also features two activation disks that bring the playset to life! Turn the disk at the top of Joker's head and hear him laugh as his eyes move back and forth and his hand waves! As the hand waves it unveils the jail cell. Turn the disk at the bottom of the playset; watch the huge hammer slam down to trigger the fun house game! The tongue in Joker's mouth (on the playset) also folds down for a figure to enter/exit and the doors open on the side of the playset where the car is stored. Requires 2 ?AA? batteries, included.
$24.99 3-8 yrs June 2010

Laugh & LearnTM Learning KitchenTM: The Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen is filled with learning and fun for baby in both English and Spanish! Open the refrigerator door to see the light come on, learn about opposites, or hear a sung song. Inside the fridge, there's yummy food and shape sorting fun. Baby can flip the page on the flip book to hear about foods and learn about shapes and colors. On the other side of the kitchen, baby can flip the light switch on and off, turn on the faucet, open the oven door, or roll the roller on the clock. There are four modes of play: Learning, Learning in Spanish, Music and Imagination. More than 15 sung songs and tunes. Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, included.
$39.99 6-36 mos June 2010

Laugh & LearnTM Learning Basketball: It?s a slam dunk for learning! With Laugh & Learn Learning Basketball, little athletes can practice good sportsmanship while learning about shapes, letters, numbers and so much more! Features five interactive light up shapes, a rim with three dancing lights and a slam dunk hoop with backboard hands, creating tons of action play for baby. Teaches letters, numbers, shapes, first words and colors through interactive learning. Two modes of play: Music and Learning with 10+ songs and tunes. Grow-with-me heights are adjustable; set includes two basketballs. Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, included.
$34.99 6-36 mos June 2010


Smart CycleTM Racer:
Kids will have one cool ride in the living room with the sleek, new Smart Cycle Racer. Plug the stationary bike into the TV and start pedaling and steering to play fun learning games. Customize the ?on-screen? vehicle with new Extreme vehicle choices and designs. Child's favorite character friends offer help and encouragement during game play. The software works in three modes. In Explore/Encounter mode, the child pedals to drive through various environments, learning along the way. In Arcade Games mode, the child can take a pit stop into an arcade game to play games with the joystick. The games reinforce important preschool concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and colors. In Race mode, the child can race with other cars in the world or time race with a second player. The toy comes with the Learning Journey software ? other themes are sold separately. Requires 4 ?D? batteries, not included.
$79.99 3-6 yrs June 2010

Laugh & LearnTM Learn & Move Music StationTM:
The Learn & Move Music Station is an interactive musical toy that connects to the TV to bring baby?s favorite characters to life! There are two levels of play for baby; Level 1 for 9mo+ and Level 2 for 18mo+, plus five worlds for baby to explore in each level. Baby?s every interaction with the Music Station activates animation, music and learning right on the TV. In all five worlds and both levels, baby is encouraged to be active while playing along to a wide variety of musical genres. Mom chooses the world and level where baby will play by navigating menus on the TV screen with the included IR device. In non-TV mode, there are two modes of play ? Learning and Music ? where baby can explore real instrument sounds and learn about colors, counting, animals, greetings and more! More than 50 songs and tunes! Requires 3 ?AA? batteries for piano unit and 3 ?C? batteries for base, not included.
$49.99 9-36 mos June 2010

Go Baby Go!TM Stride to Ride TM Dino:
This dino will have babies stomping along in no time! A wide wheel base and sturdy handle make this dino the perfect first walker for baby. As baby walks along, the three lights on the Dino's head will dance to music and fun sound effects. There are three sung songs, two tunes and five sound effects to delight baby. When baby is ready to ride, mom can easily lock the two rear legs together to make a perfect seat for baby. In ride-on mode, babies will have plenty of leg room to help them get scooting around the floor in no time! Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, included.
$39.99 9-36 mos June 2010


TRIOTM DC Super FriendsTM BatcaveTM:
The TRIO Batcave is the secret headquarters for the caped crusader?.Batman. The TRIO Batcave includes many iconic features of the classic cave dwelling: hidden door to the outside world, rock facade, ladders, zip-line and ?technical? control panel. The playset also includes a Batmobile (constructed with TRIO car chassis) and TRIO Batman figure. Plus the Batcave can be rebuilt into 3 additional cool Bat-buildings! 110 pieces total.
$34.99 4+ June 2010

Stack ?n SurpriseTM Musical Croc Block WagonTM:
The Stack 'n Surprise Musical Croc Block Wagon rolls to a whole new level of fun! In mode one, this cute character is the perfect building friend for a sitting baby. There is a generous building surface on the Croc's back where baby can stack one or all of the six included blocks. Each time baby stacks there will be a great peek-a-boo, pop action from the blocks. Baby can open the Croc's mouth and be rewarded with fun sound effects and musical tunes while feeding him the blocks. When the Croc is full, and all the blocks are in his belly, baby can easily flip open the building surface to reveal the storage and all of the blocks. This friendly guy also has rolling eyes and a squeaker tail building nub. In mode two, mom can flip out the handle from under the Croc and now he is ready for on the go fun as a perfect first wagon for baby. Baby will get fun sound effects and music while pulling him along. Requires 3 ?AA? batteries, included.
$29.99 6-36 mos June 2010

Little People? Stack ?n Learn Alphabet Blocks:
The Stack ?n Learn Alphabet Blocks combine building and learning in one! Set contains 50 pieces, including 26 alphabet blocks A through Z ? each one with an adorable illustration for kids to learn object association! Also includes 23 basic building blocks in a variety of shapes and colors, plus a dog figure for even more creative building fun. Set is packaged in a durable, vinyl bag, perfect for storage, with a handle for easy take-along play.
$19.99 1-4 yrs June 2010


Kid-ToughTM Video Camera:
The Kid-Tough Video Camera evokes a real video camera, with the added benefit of being tough enough and easy enough for preschoolers to use! The Kid-Tough Video Camera is built Kid-Tough to survive drop after drop after dropTM while also featuring simple controls (no reading required) and large buttons. Camera features include a 1.5? color LCD preview screen so kids can instantly playback the videos they?ve taken; sturdy rubberized dual-handle grips, built-in memory for storing up to five minutes of video right out of the box and an SD card slot for even more storage. The Video Camera also includes a TV out jack, USB Cable for computer connection, and simple software that makes it easy to get the pictures from the video camera to the computer in just one click. Comes in two great colors ? pink and blue. Requires 4 ?AA? batteries, not included.
$59.99 3+ June 2010

Kid-ToughTM Music Player:
The Kid-Tough Music Player includes realistic features with the added benefit of being tough enough and easy enough for preschoolers to use. The Kid-Tough Music Player is built Kid-Tough to survive drop after drop after dropTM while also featuring simple controls (no reading required) and large buttons. The Music Player features built-in speakers, a sing-along microphone, a 1" x 2" black and white LCD screen that enables kids to easily find their favorite songs; carry handle, built-in memory to store over four hours of music, five fun sing along songs, volume control, headphone jack, USB Cable for computer connection and simple software that makes it easy to get music from the home PC to the Kid-Tough Music Player. The Music Player is compatible with the most popular formats of digital music (mp3, wma and DRM-free AAC files). Comes in two great colors ? pink and blue. Requires 4 ?C? batteries, not included.
$49.99 3+ July 2010


Power Wheels? Lil Lightning McQueen:
Lil Lightning McQueen is a 6-volt, single seat, sit-in sports car based on the popular movie, "Cars." It is specifically designed for toddlers with its easy-to-use single button operation and it goes 2 mph forward speed on hard surfaces and grass. Features pretend seat belts and includes rechargeable 6-volt battery.
$109.99 12-36 mos. July 2010

Power Wheels? Thomas the Tank Engine:
Thomas the Tank Engine is a 6-volt, single seat, sit-on toddler vehicle that is based on the license ?Thomas The Train.? It is specifically designed for toddlers with its easy-to-use single button operation on the steering wheel and easy on and off seating position with high seat back. It goes 2 mph forward speed on hard surfaces and grass. Includes rechargeable 6-volt battery.
$89.99 12-36 mos. July 2010

Power Wheels? Toy Story Lil QuadTM Ride On:
This sporty toddler vehicle has cool Toy Story graphics, as well as Buzz Lightyear featured in his spaceship at the front of the vehicle. It is specifically designed for toddlers with its easy-to-use single button operation and 2 mph forward speed. Includes rechargeable 6-volt battery.
$89.99 12-36 mos. May 2010

Power Wheels? Tough Talkin Jeep:
The Tough Talkin Jeep is a cool ride for kids. With a real working microphone, two seats, fun graphics and classic chrome grill, this Jeep will gear kids up for lots of driving fun! The Tough Talkin Jeep goes 2.5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse. Includes rechargeable 12-volt battery.
$269.99 3+ July 2010


Note: Names and availability dates subject to change.

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