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TF2010: Fisher Price Friends Press Release
Posted by Curto on February 13, 2010 at 07:34 AM CST:

2010 Fisher-Price? Friends
Toy Fair Highlights


It?s time for kids to get up and dance as their fun-loving pal Mickey Mouse comes to life right before their eyes! The new, innovative Dance Star Mickey walks and talks, and best of all, he dances his way into the limelight, topping off his skills with an ?out of this world? grand finale to one of his signature dances. With one press of Mickey's foot, Dance Star Mickey comes to life for a fun interactive experience. Dance Star Mickey grooves to five different songs with styles including Soul, Disco, Latin and Techno with that extra special finale. But that?s not all ? Dance Star Mickey is filled with interactive activities and silly humor, too. Requires six AA alkaline batteries, included.


Well, bust my buffers! Now boys can act out their favorite scenes from the direct-to-home DVD release Misty Island Rescue and create new adventures on Misty Island. The playset features a motorized Thomas engine and all-new action features including a thrilling, never-been-done-before zip line and motorized logging mill! Boys can send Thomas down the overgrown dark brown tracks of Misty Island, up and over Jobi tree supports and even through tree trunk tunnels! Then they can use the switchtrack to send Thomas gliding down the zip line, or send Thomas to the logging mill where he can power the working log mill with a real conveyer belt. They also can help Thomas unload the logs and watch them be carried up to the top of the mill, where they use the log cutter to ?split? the logs which then drop back into Thomas? cargo car. For added fun, the playset connects to all TrackMaster track and destinations to create and expand a boy?s very own Thomas world at home. Engine requires one AA alkaline battery, included.

Peep! Peep! Straight out of the Island of Sodor and into boys? homes comes Follow Me Thomas, a chunky Thomas engine and kid-controlled lantern. As boys point the light from the lantern, Thomas magically follows the light in every direction ? even backwards. Thomas reacts to the light of the lantern (using IR technology) enabling boys to be the conductor and take Thomas with them wherever they go. Follow Me Thomas is full of fun speech, prompts and sound effects and for added fun, boys can press one of three large buttons on the side of the lantern to activate pre-programmed moves including zigzags, figure eights and circles. Thomas requires four AA alkaline batteries, included and lantern requires two AA alkaline batteries, not included.

Now boys can take the Island of Sodor, Misty Island and all their favorite characters with them wherever they go! The Take-n-Play Return from Misty Island diecast playset features Misty Island on one side and the Island of Sodor on the other for fun, on-the-go play. Boys can take Thomas through the two-leveled play on Misty Island, complete with dark brown track, tree tunnels, and a logging crane. When Thomas begins to miss his friends on the Island of Sodor, boys simply take Thomas wobbling over Shake-Shake bridge and watch as he races down the ramp, busts through the tunnel and returns home. The Island of Sodor side of the playset features an in-molded rescue center and silver Sodor track. When the fun is over for the day, the playset folds up for easy storage. For added value, the playset connects to other Take-n-Play playsets for expandable fun.


It has been 10 years since Dora won the hearts of kids and parents everywhere. Celebrating Dora?s 10th anniversary, the all-new We Did It! Dora doll features a new take on Dora?s signature ?We Did It!? song and dance. Kids can dance along as Dora pumps her arms and sways side to side to the beat! The doll includes four modes of play: Teach-Me (where Dora teaches kids the ?We Did It!? Dance), ?We Did It!? Dance, Freeze Dance, and Say It Two Ways bilingual dance game. We Did It! Dora is inspired by Dora?s Birthday Adventure TV movie event. Requires four AA alkaline batteries, included.

?Bienvenido a casa! The Dora All Seasons Dollhouse is full of surprises with magic windows that show all four seasons ? day and night, too! Each time the house is opened, there?s a new surprise waiting to be discovered. Seasons and times of day show through the windows and the content in the house changes accordingly. For example, on a lovely summer day, girls will see sun in the windows and hear birds chirping, while on a cold winter night, girls will see snow falling and hear an owl ?hooting.? Adding to the realistic nighttime play, the bedroom desk lamp and fireplace also light up just as they would in the girl?s very own home. What?s more, girls can press the speech button to hear phrases in English and Spanish that correspond to the different seasons and times of day, and they can press the scroll button to change scenes on the magic windows. After play, the dollhouse folds together for quick, compact storage. Includes Dora and couch. Requires four AA alkaline batteries, included.

2010 is going to be an exciting year of music and adventure for Dora and the Explorer Girls, as they help organize Puerto Verde?s Music Arts Festival to benefit the coral reefs. Each Explorer Girl has an important role in preparing to put on an amazing show for charity. Dora, Kate, Alana, Emma, and Naiya will need kids? help to join the band, write songs, design costumes, play instruments, and more! This new rock star look is captured in the line?s newest collection of basic fashion dolls. Each doll features a cool outfit perfect for a rock concert. What?s more exciting is that each doll has articulated arms and ball-joint heads so they can really rock out and move in all kinds of ways on stage. Adding an entirely new way to play, the dolls (and every item in the Dora?s Explorer Girls line) also come with a charm and a code that girls can share with their friends. When the code from the charm is entered online, girls (and their friends) will have access to Caf? Connect. In Caf? Connect, girls can personalize their profile page; chat with their friends and the Explorer Girls using safe, secure preset messages; and send and receive music, games and virtual gifts.


For kids and kids at heart, Sing-a-ma-jigs! are free-spirited, off-beat plush characters that set off unexpected laughter and excitement with each squeeze of their tummies! Their zany looks are unique, yet adorable. When Sing-a-ma-jigs! sing, their little mouths open wide for each note, showing off their cute little teeth, creating a look and sound that is simply irresistible!

Every Sing-a-ma-jig! features three modes of play. First they chatter, then they each sing their own song, and when kids put them all together and squeeze their tummies one more time, they erupt into a harmonic chorus like none heard before. As their motto says, ?They Love Nothing Better, Than Singing Together,? and when they do, they sing together in perfect harmony each and every time.

Sing-a-ma-jigs! will debut in May with four characters, each featured in a different color and singing its own song, including:
? ?Where Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone? (Red)
? ?Skip to My Loo? (Pink)
? ?When the Saints Go Marching In? (Teal)
? ?Home on the Range? (Yellow)

Two additional characters: one in purple, who sings ?Oh Suzanna? and another in green, who sings ?On Top of Old Smoky? will follow later this fall. The more kids collect, the larger the chorus, the better the Sing-a-ma-jigs! sound! Requires two AAA alkaline batteries, included.


Kids can roll up their sleeves and get to work helping Handy Manny and his toolbox friends build City Hall with Handy Manny?s Let?s Get to Work Construction Playset, inspired by the hit Playhouse Disney series on the Disney Channel. The building starts as boys use Manny?s Crawler Crane to clear the rubble from the jobsite. Once the land is clear for building, kids can use Handy Manny?s Red Truck to transport the materials to the building site where Manny is ready to build City Hall with a little help from Rusty the wrench, Felipe the screwdriver and new tool friend, Jack Jackhammer. Adding to the play value, the fun doesn?t stop once City Hall is complete. Boys can attach the wrecking ball to the crane to demolish the site and start all over again. The Handy Manny Let?s Get to Work Construction Playset includes Manny and Eduardo figures along with Manny?s Red Truck, Rusty the wrench, Felipe the screwdriver, Jack Jackhammer, Crawler Crane, cinder blocks and loader, and all the building pieces to construct and destruct City Hall.


Just like on the hit Nick, Jr. show, hugs make Kai-lan super happy! Now, kids can make a hug connection with their favorite character with the Kai-lan Loves Hugs plush doll, complete with her special friend Hoho the monkey. This soft, cuddly new Kai-lan with her beautiful long, sleek black hair ? just perfect for styling fun ? features her sweet, sentimental side. For that special sweet magic, kids just squeeze Kai-lan?s belly and she gives Hoho a super big hug. Hoho?s cheeks light up in response and Hoho and Kai-lan speak favorite phrases and sing a song to celebrate. Includes clips and Tolee comb for extra hair play. Requires two AA batteries, included.


The Diego Talking Rescue Center brings all the adventure and action of the popular Nick Jr. show to life! Diego can ride his rescue ATV up the ramp or down the rocky mountain pass. When he arrives at the top of Rescue Center, he can access his animal rescue mission on the ?computer? or use the telescope to get a better look at the situation. Kids simply rotate the satellite dish to change the image on the computer screen that scrolls to show three different rescue missions. When kids press on the computer?s keyboard, they will also hear bilingual phrases. Once the mission is received, Diego can use his hang glider to circle the Rescue Center or to slide over to the outpost to rescue an animal trapped behind the boulder in the cave. When it is time to rescue the animals, kids can use the crane to move the boulder and use the crank to lift the cargo platform to bring the animals to safety. The telescope and crane are interchangeable and both can be placed onto the back of the ATV. Requires two AAA alkaline batteries, included.

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