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TF2010: Mattel Press Release - Games
Posted by Curto on February 13, 2010 at 10:10 AM CST:

Mattel Games
2010 Fact Sheet

This year, Mattel introduces new games for a new generation. Featuring completely innovative ways of testing trivia knowledge and memory skills ? such as Loopz? and Bezzerwizzer?, to new formats of old favorites ? including To Go! Games, UNO? Mod and Mattel Card Games; the 2010 line-up is sure to please kids and adults looking for entertaining new game play experiences.



Loopz? is an interactive memory game consisting of four independent semi-circular rings, or ?loopz.? Combining music, motion and memory, this game really gets people moving as they match the patterns of light and sound by motioning their hands through the rings as different patterns emerge. As each ring pulsates, players must quickly put their hand through the lit loop to keep the music sequence going. Sound tones and lights continue to lead to more difficult and exciting challenges. An internal counter keeps track of time, completed levels and rates overall performance. Loopz has seven different games and can be played solo or as ?head-to-head? competition.
ARP: $29.99 Ages: 7+ Available: June 2010


BEZZERWIZZER? the game of trivia, tactics and trickery

Think you know it all? Bezzerwizzer? is a new twist on trivia with 20 categories of questions, plus stealing and tile-swapping for fast-paced game play. As players make their way around the board, they must rely on both strategy and knowing all the answers, as opponents can steal points or categories away from them! For up to four players.
ARP: $29.99 Ages: Adults Available: July 2010



Red Rover? is a memory-matching game combined with run-around play. It features an adorable, electronic talking dog and 12 bones with colors and numbers, shapes, or letters, with the object of the game being to collect the most bones. The game is set up by placing the 12 bones facedown, randomly around a room. Once preschoolers press the dog?s nose, the games begins and Red Rover? calls out which bones he wants. Preschoolers run to find the right bone and feed it to Red Rover? ? if they're right, they keep the bone ? if they're wrong, Red Rover? encourages them to go back and find the right one! Whoever helps Red Rover? the fastest ? wins!
ARP: $19.99 Ages: 5+ Available: July 2010


UNO? Card Games

Get ready to play UNO? like never before with four new ways to show off your UNO? skills! UNO? fans will love UNO Mod?, the newest version of the classic card game with cool, modern graphics and a stylish storage case! In WWE? UNO?, players can dominate opponents with customized WWE? UNO? cards with cool graphics and everyone?s favorite Superstars like John Cena?, Randy Orton? and Undertaker?. Have a blast with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the gang with Toy Story 3 UNO? card game, featuring colorful graphics inspired by the upcoming film, ?Toy Story?. Younger players can join in with an easy-to-learn edition of Thomas & Friends? My First UNO? king-size card game. The deck features large, easy-to-hold cards that help preschoolers build basic color and number skills.
UNO Mod? Card Game
ARP: $9.99 Age: 7+ Available: January 2010

WWE? UNO? Card Game
ARP: $5.99 Age: 7+ Available: January 2010

Toy Story 3 UNO? Card Game
ARP: $5.99 Age: 7+ Available: May 2010

Thomas & Friends? My First UNO? King-Size Card Game
ARP: $5.99 Age: 3+ Available: March 2010


WHAC-A-MOLE? Card Game

The object of this version of Whac-A-Mole? is to collect all the cards, and the person who does so wins. Cards are dealt equally amongst the players who from each of their face-down card piles start revealing their cards on a turn by turn basis. When there is a match, the first player to slap the Whac-A-Tile card gets all the cards played in that round. The only twist is the Wild card ? when this card is played, anyone can hit the Whac-A-Tile and the first player to do so wins all the cards!
ARP: $5.99 Ages: 4+ Available: May 2010

It's not what you say, it's what you hear!? Try this: DEW WINO HUE. Repeat the words a few times aloud and you're sure to guess that you are actually saying ?Do I know you?? In the Mad Gab? card game, players read aloud the clues on each card and guess the right word or phrase based on what they are hearing and not what they are seeing. Clues include pictures as well as text. For two or more players.
ARP: $5.99 Ages: 12+ Available: May 2010

This card game captures the essence of Pictionary?, but without the drawing! The object of the game is to guess the correct answer when the presenter acts out a word using a combination of picture clue cards. The first person or team to guess the correct answer in head-to-head play wins a point, and the first to get to five points wins the game. For two or more players.
ARP: $5.99 Ages: 10+ Available: May 2010

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