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Arcade1Up: Final Fight Cabinet Review

Posted by: Nick on May 8, 2019 at 08:21 PM CST

In 2019, Tastemakers are expanding the line to include new cabinets as well as other products to enhance your game room. Check out our Toy Fair reporting for some more details on that.

This is our second review in the new 2019 line and we are still impressed. Once again it's great having the included deck protector and improved packaging the make for an easier unboxing and a more pristine cabinet. As a note, we have only been able to find this one at Walmart to date but as far as we understand it is not a Walmart exclusive and should be widely available soon. In the meantime, you can find it on

The Games, Oh The Games!

So this cabinet is a true quarter eater, continuous play really comes into affect here as a lot of these games allow you to remain in your story play as long as you keep putting in credits. Definitely a staple of '90's gaming, especially beat 'em classics like Final Fight.

Final Fight is as good as we remember. A quarter eater that looks brilliant on the LCD display. We easily played the whole game through throwing knives, bashing cars in the bonus stage, and dodging those annoying flames in the factory. The first side-scrolling story-style beat 'em up that Arcade1Up chose to do is truly a gem and a great foray into '90's game. We really hope to see more, especially including titles like Ninja Turtles, The Simpson, and the X-Men. Oh what a cabinet that would be, what a cabinet.

Ghost and Goblins was just as frustrating as we remember. One of the hardest arcade games ever. You get two hits and have to essentially restart the game after you lose all of your lives, and this game is really unforgiving. It truly demands perfection for you to get anywhere and through repetition it is possible, but truly frustrating. The game is still fun to play for those who like a real challenge but might be a turn off for those seeking to button smash and enjoy a two player adventure.

1944: The Loop Master was one that we have not played in an arcade before but found the game player similar to the top down bullet hell of Raiden. Essentially you are blowing up military craft and instillations culminating in boss fights. Another quarter eater where the continuous play of the cabinet really shines. This one has upgradable weapons, bombs, charge shots, and some great team gameplay. Fun little touch when you die and begin a new life, saving the previous pilot gives you a bunch of power ups. Another example of a great title that will consume you for an hour or so to get through the story.

Striker was another title we were not familiar with and the best way to describe it would be a futuristic Soviet inspired techno adventure. It's very colorful and looks great on the LCD screen. It plays kind of like one of the Ninja Gaiden series titles but most of the enemies are robots. There are some wildly imaginative foes to keep you challenged and engaged but also it is not so frustratingly difficult that it would use you to rage quit. Continuous play helps and while you cannot pick off exactly where you died, you can at least keep the stage you are on and pick it up from there.

Closing Thoughts

This is an amazing set of games and a must have for your at home arcade collection if you are looking to 1Up your game room. We highly recommend you purchase a riser to give the unit that extra foot of height for stand up play. Risers with graphics complimenting the cabinets are coming soon but no word on release date or what graphics will be available this year. We have seen them for Pac Man and Galaga, but only when purchased in tandem. Tastemakers have made good on their promise to increase availability of risers as these can now be found with ease at Walmart or other retailers. We have managed to secure several through Walmart, which not only has the best price ($40 vice Gamestop's $50) but they get the most stock on a weekly basis.

We also customized our unit a little to give it a smoother aesthetic over the industrial look of the exposed screws. You can pick up screw caps available in black from Home Depot.

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