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Arcade1Up: Mortal Kombat Cabinet Review

Posted by: Nick on May 31, 2019 at 08:17 PM CST

This is easy the most amazing cabinet Tastemakers has done so far. It is a great collection of games, runs smooth, and gives the full arcade experience. This is the first unit we saw a different control knob on the panel, the bat knobs, and it was the right choice to do it here. They make controlling way easier and do not keep rotating off the thread. Also this is an eight-way joystick compared to the four-way stick included with the Street Fighter cabinet. However, the unit only has a four-way restrictor plate, which necessitates a little customization to get the full agency out of it (more details below).


Mortal Kombat plays as smooth as we remember it. The game still holds up after all these years as both challenging and engaging. The moves still work like they did in the original as do the finishers. You can even use some debug codes you can find on the internet to adjust gameplay settings.

For some reason, Mortal Kombat II is much harder than we remember It could be that we are out of practice or that we are used to easier games. It seemed that no matter what we did, punch, kick, block, the opposing character would just throw us. We couldn't even get a hit in some matches and don't get me started on Mileena. This was clearly our favorite out of the set between the great group of characters, variety of finishers, and the secret battles.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was about as throughly '90's as we can remember. The robots, goth inspired characters, and a fighter just simply called Stryker that uses guns. Fortunately, the cabinet includes a run button to use with this game, although we could never really maximize it in combat because the opponents were always on top of us. At least we weren't getting tossed around and got to employ some move variety.

Closing Thoughts

Clearly the best cabinet produced so far. Again here we have an issue with the volume that always seems to be way louder than it should but otherwise the unit is great. There are some purchases we recommend to enhance your unit.

First and foremost, a riser. We have managed to secure several through Walmart, which not only has the best price ($40 vice Gamestop's $50) but they get the most stock on a weekly basis.

We also customized our unit a little to give it a smoother aesthetic over the industrial look of the exposed screws. You can pick up screw caps available in black from Home Depot.

For functionality, we changed out the restrictor plate on the inside which can be accomplished by unscrewing the bottom of the control deck. They pop off easy enough but you need to center them just perfectly in order to snap the new ones into place. You can pick up a set from Amazon by clicking here.

Lastly, one aesthetic component that was missing was the artwork on the control panel filler. We put in an order from ArcadeGraphix for the artwork and were quite pleased. You can order the proper artwork for the MKII cabinet here to complete the look. They happen to be running a sale now for 30 percent off if you use code, MURICA.

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