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2020 New York International Toy Fair Roundup

Posted by: B. on March 14, 2020 at 04:24 PM CST

2020 International Toy Fair in New York City.

Another year and another great Toy Fair. Check out what impressed and excited us this year. Keep in mind this is only what we could show you, there are many more awesome things we got to check out that are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for a great year! Check it all out below.


In addition to the world's largest functional arcade cabinet, we got to check out the new cabinets unveiled at CES earlier this year including Frogger, Pac Man 40th Anniversary, NBA Jam, and Golden Axe. Also there were the new digital pinball machines for Star Wars and Mars Attacks, however these were not playable.

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Big things for Pac-Man's 40th this year including a Pac-Man Tamagotchi. We also saw some classic Digimon and a great assortment of new Dragon Ball Universe characters.

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Bandai: The Loyal Subjects

This year Loyal Subjects is branching out to other entertainment brands including horror from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Trouble in Little China, Edward Scissorhands, and more. We also saw some action figures from anime lines. Lastly, more product variation in the form of Space Invaders glowing room decals.

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DC Direct

Some great new things in addition to a return to the original name. A Joker statue line, more Harley, and another multipart statue, this time with bad guys!

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Diamond Select Toys

Some amazing stuff coming for Marvel, DC, and more. What truly impressed us was the Iron Giant figure. Check it all out.

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We were not familiar with Enesco on our way to visit their booth and we were impressed with their product range. They have a Disney license so they are producing statues and other products in the Pixar and classic Disney mediums. However, they are producing characters that we do not usually see, such as Madame Mim from The Sword and the Stone. There was also a great classic DC line.

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Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment's big reveal this year was the new Scaled line of product. Much larger and sturdier than the Kuzos, these offer more detail and displayability without breaking the bank. We saw some prototypes on display for tridents and several of the new Masters of the Universe weapons. Too soon to tell what they will way or what the final details will look like but even the prototypes were pretty cool. We can also expect some full scale replicas of weapons in this line but no word yet on which ones. It's still exciting to see this line address some beloved weapons from our childhood.

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Far Out Toys

We were not familiar with Far Out Toys before Toy Fair and we were really impressed with some of their product line. Specifically the Pulp Heroes line. These are licensed Marvel and Star Wars characters rendered in cardboard that pop out of vintage Marvel comic books. They have wheels and a fun pull back feature and also come with accessories. It was really cool to see how easily they collapse and fit back into the comic and then pop out again. The covers themselves are worth the purchase price as it is the vintage comic book covers from the '70's and '80's for these heroes and villains.

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For those of you not familiar, these are strategy games that include smaller versions of the classic Pop! figures from the various licenses. The big difference here is that these Pop! figures come with accessories and the ability to swap accessories between figures, changing up the game play. Imagine the Shark from Jaws, with a chainsaw, playing against the Golden Girls!!! That's right, you can mix and match across games making for limitless fun and gam customization. Continue to add sets or simply play on the one you have. Right now you can get games that cover DC, Harry Potter, the Golden Girls, and Rick and Morty. All of which feature Pop! figures unique to the games.

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What really caught our attention was the revival of the Micro Machines line that Jazzwares acquired from Hasbro. This is the first time in a while where we are seeing this line return to basics of great little cars, tracks, towns, and world building. While this year will focus on the traditional aspects of the line, we may be able to expect some of the expansive dimensions of Micro Machines including space products somewhere down the road. These have the same look and feel of the classic line with a mixture of plastic and die cast mediums.

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Hasbro: Marvel

So. Many. Reveals. This panel felt like two panels and there was plenty to see on the show floor. Additions to the X-Men line, MCU figures, and classic '90's SpiderMan.

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Hasbro: Transformers

Commander Class Sky Lynx, Quintessons, and a Titan Class Scorponok!! So. Much. Awesome happening with Transformers this year.

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Hasbro: G.I. Joe

Excited about the 6-inch scale. Not a lot revealed at this point but we get core characters like Duke, Scarlet, and Snake Eyes.

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Hasbro: Ghostbusters

This is really exciting. Not just seeing the Ghostbusters line return but these super detailed figures from Hasbro. Also those classic Real Ghostbusters figures!

Check out the whole gallery!

Hasbro: Power Rangers

Go! Go! Power Rangers. The hits keep coming from Hasbro with the expansion of this line.

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Always fun to check in on our favorite bricks. Some great things in store for 2020. Still impressed with the AR sets.

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McFarlane had the new CyberPunk 2077 figures on display in addition to new figures from the Batman Arkham series and the first Spawn Kickstarter figure.

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Several new one:12 figures coming this year from the DC and Marvel lines to include Batman '89, X-Men, Avengers, and more. What really piqued our interest this year was the Five Point figures. Aptly named for their five points of articulation these capture some awesome franchises from old school DC and Hanna Barbara cartoons that has not been captured elsewhere. These figures have more detail, depth, and accessories than other vintage style figures on the market and even feature old school cardboard playsets. Check out these great figures from Batman '66, golden age Superman, Scooby Doo, the Addam's Family, and more!!!

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So the big things this year were deluxe models of the existing Micro Player units. The Space Invaders unit features a light up marquee and a screen set in like the original arcade cabinet. The other model is the Street Fighter 2 cabinet that also has the light up marquee, a range of buttons, 8 way joy stick, and the ability to link to another unit for versus play.

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New additions from Alien 40th Anniversary and the Toony Terrors line. We also saw the addition of Toony Classics including characters from the Back to the Future Cartoon and the Bill and Ted Cartoon.

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Some new TCG decks on the horizon dealing with Sword and Shield and new Pokeman found in the Galgar region. Expect to see these on shelves in May. There is also a Rebel Clash set that doubles as a storage box for the cards. It's the standard starter set features eight booster packs, dice, markers, checklist, energy cards, dividers, and card sleeves to protect those special cards. Eevee and Friends follow up to last year's Pikachu is in full swing. The first set is out already and we have some in person photos of the second. Keep in mind that all the set are designed to connect in a puzzle fashion like it shows on the side of the box.

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There are a lot of new additions to the ReAction line as you can see. The "big" reveal this year was the two foot Optimus Prime Super Shogan figure. This thing is beautiful. Colored to look like the original G1 cartoon scheme, complete with the Matrix of Leadership. We also saw a couple of new additions to the Super Cyborg line including Soundwave and a GI Joe addition, COBRA B.A.T. These are always super popular and it is great to see the line expanding into other franchises. We got to see the Ultimates! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line up close and it is amazing. They are a little bigger than the Playmates original but are super detailed and are basically the figures you wish you had as a kid.

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Super Impulse

What caught us off guard was the new entries to the super slim credit card size electronic games known as Micro Arcade...Oregon Trail! That's right the full classic game in all of its glory ready to take with you on your own road adventure. So hunt those buffalo and watch out for those eagles. Now what we saw on the Tiny Arcade games also blew our minds. A full miniaturized version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade. Yes, that TMNT Arcade and yes the full version. Of course you can only play as one turtle at a time but from what we saw, the emulation is solid and it looks exactly like the classic arcade game. Expect to see this in stores this spring. We also saw a Tomb Raider game that is releasing this fall. No details on what the game entails but it featured artwork from PS1. Now we cannot think of a Tomb Raider arcade game but anything Tomb Raider would be amazing.

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Three Zero

There are some interesting things in the works. Again, we cannot say specific products but you can expect more from licenses like the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and various anime properties. Also there is the upcoming Bumble Bee from the Last Knight, you know the awesome one with the war hammer, and Optimus Prime from the Bumblebee move, one of our favorite design by the way.

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Another new booth for us this year. YuMe had a great mix of plush, figures, and other items from Harry Potter, DC, horror characters, and much more.

Check out the whole gallery!

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