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New York Toy Fair 2018: Wrap Up

Posted by: Nick on February 28, 2018 at 01:37 PM CST

Hasbro Marvel Booth

Marvel Legends

The Hasbro Marvel team took the stage with their first big reveal. An Infinity Gauntlet from the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie. It features realistic movie sounds, moving fingers than can be posed open or closed with a locking feature, and light up stones. It will retail for $99.99.

Hasbro then quickly went through several new figures. Among them was a Wolverine with chopper, making him the third bike in the vehicle series. We also got a look at a new Magneto with two heads including a helmet off look, Bishop with his scarf and ultra mullet, a cool Cloak and Dagger set with the ability to display Cloak without his body, and a Walgreens-exclusive Thing finishing the Fantastic Four set. We got one last surprise when Hasbro showed us that the build a figure for the latest wave was Sauron, and he was a sight to behold.

10 Year Anniversary Figures

Hasbro revealed a planned set of 10 figures in 10th Anniversary boxes. Each set is based on a different Marvel film from Iron Man to Infinity War and the sides of the boxes feature a mural of art of the figures that connects. Hasbro showed us Tony Stark with new face paint from the new dot matrix tech and an Iron Man suit Mark I, an Iron Man 3 three-pack featuring hot rod Iron Man, Pepper Potts with swappable iron suit arm, and the Mandarin, a Civil War Captain America and Crossbones with swappable heads, and an Avengers Iron Man Mark VII. There were a couple of others on display in their showcase, click on the photos to take a look.

Hasbro Transformers Booth

Studio Series

Hasbro is launching a new studio series revisiting characters from all the movie and rereleashing some older figures with improved designs. These will come in the deluxe, voyager, and leader classes. We got a nice look at the Blackout leader class ship with Scorponok and leader class Grimlock, which is finally deco accurate with his appearance in Age of Extinction. Next we got a glimpse at some fan favorites in the voyager class including Starscream from Transformers, Optimus Prime from Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron from Revenge of the Fallen, and Brawl from Transformers.

Masterpiece Movie Series

Back at the booth, Hasbro had the new Masterpiece Movie Iron Hide (MPM-6) and Barricade (MPM-5) on display. These pieces are licensed with the auto manufacturer, so they will feature the GMC and Ford logos. Expect Iron Hide to cost about $100 this fall and Barricade about $80 this April. No word on where to purchase these at this time but most likely exclusive to one retail outlet.

LEGO Booth

Our friends at LEGO gave us some grub and showed some upcoming products with minor spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom along with some new LEGO Batman Movie sets, Harry Potter LEGO sets, and a Collector's Series Hulkbuster.

DC Collectibles Booth

For many years now, DC Collectibles display of upcoming products has always been our favorite to shoot at the annual trade show, and the 2018 International Toy Fair was no exception! Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look!

NECA Booth

NECA's 2018 International Toy Fair had a nice selection of new pieces for all their fan-favorite lines.Click the thumbnails above to check out what they have in store for collectors of their Marvel, DC, Del Toro, Alien, Predator lines, and more!

QMx Booth

Inconceivable! Quantum Mechanix' 2018 International Toy Fair booth featured the best 1/6 scale offerings produced by an American company in years. Click the thumbnails above to check out what they have in store for fans of Supernatural, IT, The Princess Bride (you get how we started this story now?), and of course Star Trek!

Diamond Select Toys Booth


Diamond Select Toys' Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat, who gave us a tour of their booth, was particularly fond of the Real Ghostbusters figures that were on display (as was our photographer*). Also shown were some characters sporting their Ghostbusters II movie costumes and a firehouse entrance display set with removable lettering for movie accuracy and swappable signage. A neat feature from this line was the alternate Viggo head for Ray.

DC Entertainment

There were a few bust from the long-running Batman: The Animated Series on display along with a few Justice League characters. A nice mixture of upcoming exclusives, a few pieces from the Justice League Movie, and some Batman '66 busts. No, the bronze bust in the set does not open up to reveal the bat-button but the Zach did like the idea, so maybe in the future?

Video Games

We saw a few different styles for Sonic the Hedgehog toys but Kingdom Hearts took up the most real estate. There were figures from Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep. Expect some Timeless River exclusives to hit Gamestop or Hot Topic later this year.

Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics / Studios line was quite impressive featuring Marvel Select action figures and statues from X-Men, Deadpool, Netflix Marvel, and the broader Marvel universe. The newest one here being Beast, making his debut in 90's Jim Lee (X-Men #1 cover) style.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It's always great to see some new figures from this line and these prototypes delivered. We could not articulate them because they were resin casts but they were painted giving you a good idea of what to expect the finished product to look like. The tree in particular is an ambitious design, no word on how the skeletons will hang but it looks cool. There were also some environments sets featuring the wrapping table, which will connect if you get all three sets. The larger figures also included bases or other additional accessories for display. Expect these to be available for order in the late summer or early fall.

Mattel DC Comics Booth

Our schedule only allowed us to visit Mattel for a short period of time, as such, we were only able to shoot one section of their 2018 International Toy Fair showroom. Click the thumbnails above to view the full gallery showing off all the DC Comics Multiverse on display!

Gentle Giant Ltd Booth

After many years not attending the annual trade show, our friends at Gentle Giant have finally returned to New York City to show off their new mass market offerings. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the Marvel Comics and Star Trek items they had on display in their 2018 International Toy Fair showroom booth, then head over to Rebel Scum for check out their Star Wars offerings!

Funko Savage World

Funko is a company that, while continuing to offer past hits, continues to recreate themselves every year and the next evolution was put on display in their 2018 International Toy Fair showroom. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the Save World action figure collection that paints popular franchises such as Conan The Barbarian, Thunder Cats, and all the slasher film villains with the vintage Masters Of The Universe-esque brush.

Kotobukiya Booth

Wrapping up our photographic coverage of the 2018 International Toy Fair, we take a look at the Kotobukiya booth. Click any of the thumbnails above to have a closer look at almost everything they had on display and then head over to Rebel Scum for a gallery featuring all their Star Wars stuff!

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